Assistive products for people with reduced mobility

Technical aids or assistive technologies are products specifically manufactured or available on the market, whose function is to enable or facilitate the performance of certain actions, such that without their use, these tasks would be impossible or very difficult to perform for an individual in a given situation.

Any product (including devices, equipment, instruments, instruments, technology and software) specially manufactured or available on the market, to prevent, compensate, control, mitigate or neutralize impairments, activity limitations and participation restrictions.

Concepts and knowledge drawn from ergonomics and other disciplines are used to create technical aids, with the objective that the resulting product is appropriate to the characteristics of the user and allows him/her to compensate for his/her limitation in accessing environments or products.

Technical aids for older adults

Technical aids: Essential for the autonomy of the elderlyIt has been proven that technical aids promote the autonomy of the elderly. In this article we tell you which are the essential aids that will make the elderly enjoy greater well-being and safety.

In mSoluciona you will find all the essential technical aids and the advice of specialized personnel who will help you choose the best aid for your case. You will be able to see and test the technical aids to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Technical aids for mobility

Financial aid for people with reduced mobilityToday there are many people with reduced mobility who are unaware of the financial aid available to them. However, this information is essential to promote equality of conditions and their integration into society.

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This informative guide aims to establish a list of the most important subsidies and grants for people with at least 33% disability. One of the most important of these is related to the adaptability or accessibility of housing to facilitate personal autonomy in the home.

Both the city councils and the autonomous communities and the State usually call for different aids for reduced mobility on an annual basis. Currently, it is possible to apply for financial support in various fields: technical aids, tax benefits, mobility aids, housing aids, mobility and daily living aids, scholarships and training, or care and attention aids.

However, when applying for these aids, it must be taken into account that, depending on the degree of disability, one or the other will be granted (without being exclusive), and that each municipality or autonomous community has its own aid system with specific requirements and particularities.

Types of technical aids

Depending on the degree of disability, which is determined by competent assessment teams through the acceptance of a certain percentage of disability, in addition to some other requirements that vary according to the locality, one type of aid or another is granted.

The aids, in turn, are subject to certain characteristics of the person with reduced mobility. Some of them would be their age, the degree of their limitation, as well as their dependency, among others.

Although various aids for people with reduced mobility are announced annually, at present, support or aid can be requested at any time, ranging from those focused on mobility, for homes, for vocational training, as well as tax benefits, among others.

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Technical aids, mobility aids, care and attention aids, aids for housing or home, aids for mobility and daily life, aids for sports, tourism and culture, tax benefits, and aids for scholarships and training.