Skin irritated by adhesive tape

It seems that the origin of contact or irritative dermatitis is genetic, that is to say, it is inherited from parents to children, being very frequent that there are people in the family who suffer or have suffered from this frequent condition. The mechanism by which dermatitis is produced is an allergic response in the skin, which is generated when it comes into contact with any of the substances that produce the reaction.

The most important thing is to eliminate contact with the substance producing the allergic reaction, although this can be very complicated. The fact that the skin reaction can occur several hours after contact with the substance sometimes makes it very difficult to know which substance is causing the reaction.

Nickel allergy symptoms

Not all itchy inflammatory skin reactions are of allergic origin. Both the allergic reaction or urticaria and dermatitis are cutaneous processes that can have an allergic origin due to food, medication, insect bites, contact with chemical substances or certain materials such as nickel or latex, and even physical stimuli such as cold, heat, exercise, pressure and even water, although it should be remembered that in most cases, the causal factor is unknown.

– There is a chronic course of urticaria, known as chronic spontaneous urticaria, which is unlikely to be allergic in origin and appears to be more of an autoimmune disorder with a different approach to diagnosis and treatment than acute urticaria.

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– Dermatitis is another type of skin reaction characterized by the presence of reddened, inflamed lesions with some desquamation, of variable distribution and which, unlike urticaria, remain fixed for several days.

How to cure nickel allergy

If you have ever suffered from an allergy to earrings or any other piece of jewelry, you will know how to identify its symptoms instantly. But if this is the first time you start noticing the effects, you should know that nickel allergy manifests itself with itching in the area of the earring, redness or eczema. There are even some people for whom the allergy manifests itself in the form of wounds.

Earring allergy occurs mostly in summer, due to the heat or the humidity of the sweat itself. Sometimes the allergy appears not only in the area of the earring, but also spreads to other places due to contact with the hands.

Allergy to earrings is not all, other pieces could also cause it, although earrings are usually the most common because we wear them in an area where the skin is very sensitive. The lobes and the neck area are very delicate skin that is where you could suffer an allergy due to the friction and contact of the jewel with your skin.

Allergy to micropore

Latex is also called rubber. It is a product obtained from the sap of a tree, called in Latin Hevea brasiliensis. This liquid is subjected to several industrial processes, with heat and various chemical products. After these processes, latex, rubber is obtained. Its use is very widespread nowadays, due to its physical qualities (resistance, flexibility and impermeability), which is why it is found in many products used on a daily basis. In general, hard forms of rubber release less allergens than objects made of elastic and thin-walled material.

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Contact can be direct, i.e. touching or being touched by latex objects or inhaling (breathing in) particles floating from latex objects, e.g. blowing up latex balloons or being examined by a doctor wearing latex gloves.

Contact may also be indirect, e.g. eating food that has been handled by a worker wearing latex gloves, contact with a person who has been blowing up balloons.