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Be it known to all citizens that the Parliament of the Canary Islands has approved and I, in the name of the King in accordance with the provisions of Article 1 1.7 of the Statute of Autonomy, enact and order the publication of the following Law:

In this way, the former chapters I and III, both of which corresponded to benefits in favor of the student body, are unified in Chapter I. Chapters VII, VIII, IX and XI, relating to support to the C.U.L.P. and U.N.E.D.; and to the agreement with the University Hospital of Tenerife and to the P.A.S. of both Universities, are eliminated, since they find their maximum logic and accommodation in the new Chapter 11, since they are always related to support to existing services and their headings are assigned to the University or centers to which they correspond.

– To strengthen, to the extent that economic availability allows, the support for the improvement of university teaching staff and for research, with a significant percentage increase in the sums allocated for these purposes.

1.- To remodel the content of the investments so far approved for the four-year period 1987-90, in view of the fact that none of the works planned in this chapter have been started due to various types of difficulties.

What is upsc subsidy? del momento

The call for Travel Grants for Doctoral Theses 2019 is open until February 10 for the realization of research stays for doctoral theses linked to the areas of action of the same.

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In the case of the call for PhD students, a total of 4 financial aids will be granted for a minimum stay of three months during 2009 in one of the universities of Chile, Argentina and Uruguay listed in the annex of the call, subject to agreement between the center of origin and destination.

For the call addressed to PAS, 4 economic aids will be granted for the realization of stays with formative purposes of a minimum duration of five days, prior agreement between the university of origin and destination, and to be carried out during 2019. The destination universities are located in Chile, Argentina and Uruguay and are those listed in the annex of the call.

The Vice-rectorate for Research and Territorial Development informs that the III Call for grants for research projects applied to the development of accessible technologies has been launched by Indra and Fundación Universia.

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The exam is scored out of 100 points and those who pass the exam are eligible for the interview. Candidates who pass the interview will be recruited for various vacancies of the posts. With the right tips and techniques, it will be easier for the candidates to clear the UPSC EPFO 2021 exam.

The first step to prepare for an exam is to know the syllabus and exam pattern of the exam. The UPSC EPFO exam has a broad syllabus that includes topics such as general English, general mental ability and quantitative aptitude, general principles of accounting, Indian freedom struggle, current events and developmental issues, Indian politics and economics, industrial relations and labor laws, general science and knowledge of Computer Applications and Social Security in India.

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Time is very valuable during the UPSC EPFO exam and preparation time. You want to be very time conscious and create a study plan that suits you. Allocate time to each of the subjects wisely according to their level of difficulty.

What is upsc subsidy? 2021

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has been allocated a budget increase of 12.46 percent in the Union Budget 2022-2023 which has been presented by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in Parliament on Tuesday.

The increased budget allocation for MHA includes Grant 50 and 51. In Grant 50 (Budget Allocation for MHA), the amount allocated for 2022-2023 is Rs. 7,621 crore in Budget Expenditure (BE), which was Rs. 7,620.40 crore in 2021-2022 BE.

However, the budget allocation of Grant-in-Aid 51 (Police) increased by 13.38 % from BE of Rs 1,03,802.52 crore in 2021-22 to BE of Rs 1,17,687.99 crore in 2022-23. The Cabinet budget allocation is Rs 1,711.04 crore in 2022-23, while capital provisions in Police Grant increased from Rs 9,716 crore to Rs 10,500 crore, an increase of 8 %.

The budgetary allocation for important schemes like police infrastructure is increased by 8.49 % from BE of Rs 3,612.29 crore in 2021-22 to BE of Rs 3,918.84 crore in 2022-23. Border management budget is increased by 42.84 % from BE of Rs 1,921.39 crore in 2021-22 to BE of Rs 2,517.02 crore in 2022-23.