If the user, due to a high degree of reduced mobility, needs stability and safety when moving around the home, the most advisable and economical option is the classic walker without wheels, as this way we will avoid any type of accident thanks to its non-slip mats. These walkers are light and resistant. However, these walkers require more effort than those with wheels, since we must lift them to continue walking. See here for other features of this model.

The improved version of the previous model: walkers that provide great stability while allowing natural movement thanks to their front wheels. They are a great option for indoor use due to the high degree of maneuverability they provide and can be used in narrow spaces such as hallways and corridors. In addition, you can use them in outdoor spaces, making use of their seat at times when it is necessary to stop and rest. Here are some examples.

Andador Rollator Server | Ayudas para la deambulación

El Rollator debe plegarse y quedarse plano.Colocar el Rollator sobre sus ruedas.Girar la manija al centro del rollator.Gire la manija al centro del rolator. Presione el Rollator hacia abajo para bloquear el pestillo de seguridad F.NO se siente en el asiento cuando el rollator se encuentre en una pendiente.

rollatorandadores convencionalesusuarios de andadoresrollatorandador con ruedasusando el rollatoruse el andadorno use el rollatorno use el rollatorel andador Rollator

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Turia rollator walker

When we talk about wheeled walkers, we all think of the typical walker with or without rear wheels, which is mainly intended for elderly people who need an extra point of support to be able to walk. They are aluminum walkers, with bicycle brakes or pressure brakes, a seat in the center of the chassis, and a basket or bag under the seat.

Although all Rollator Gemino walkers belong to a high range in this type of device, the Gemino 20 walker is the most basic and easy to handle of all those we are going to see in this article.

The rollator rollator Gemino 30 has the same features as the walker gemino 20, but incorporates the ability to customize it in color thanks to the range of six anodized colors, and incorporates a differentiator level that has an automatic lock to ensure a compact folding and not open, as well as a small turning radius that makes it suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

Trajano 4-wheeled walker

The Rollator Active has a patented braking system that puts safety before any other feature. The brake cables are hidden and protected inside the rollator itself. The brakes remain evenly adjusted in any situation regardless of the height position of the handles. There is no need for readjustment. When adjustment is needed, there is a convenient allen screw located in the profile of the rear leg, with a quick turn of the wrench to easily adjust the brakes to suit the wear and tear or the user’s taste.

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Unlike other rollators that place a metal basket in the front; the Rollator Active uses the space under the seat to carry a basket with flexible, removable handles. With a capacity of 14 liters, there is enough room to carry a handbag, shopping items, or anything else. Thanks to its position, the contents of the basket are safe from both the weather and any opportunistic theft. Simply lift up the seat to access the contents of the basket or to conveniently grab the basket from its carrying handles.