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I loved the post, I had no idea and from now on whenever I see the pink lipstick I will remember Di, MAC, their invaluable help to the cause of AIDS, we always forget that it is a disease that is still there, and what a great post, baby. Brava bravissima!

Don Otto, I’m a MAC addict, especially in shadows and lipsticks. Chicochuc and Aka Scrunchie Girl, I love the social work and the fact that the store doesn’t even earn 10 cents with that lipstick, hehe.

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Hola! En el post de hoy os voy a enseñar dos labiales que se supone que son “dupes”. Me refiero al Viva Glam Nicki de MAC y al Pinkerbell (968) de Wet n’ Wild. Uno era de una Edición Limitada y ya no está disponible, pero el otro es bastante fácil de comprar hoy en día en España. Yo lo compré en eBay hace un par de años, pero ahora lo tienes en Maquillalia y Primor.

En cuanto a textura el Viva Glam Nicki pertenece a la gama Satin de MAC y no me parece especialmente seco, lo llevo bien. El Pinkerbell es de la gama MegaLast Lip Color y tiene textura mate aunque tampoco me parece seco. No me parecen incómodos de llevar e igual pueden marcar alguna arruguita del labio si no los llevamos perfectos. La duración de ambos es bastante alta, aunque se me suelen marcar un poco por la zona donde se juntan los labios (me pasa con bastantes labiales, no solo con estos).

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Cuando vi por primera vez el labial Viva Glam Nicki, me llamó la atención inmediatamente porque ese tono rosa-coral con algo de neón era realmente atractivo y tuve que comprarlo. No recuerdo exactamente cómo conseguí Pinkerbell (no me gustan mucho los labiales como sabéis…) pero supongo que fue debido a un envío combinado.

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935224Lipstick Viva Glam Lipstick Viva Glam II 3 g S/. 0.00For: S/. 85.00or 1X of S/. 85.00Cash price: S/. 85.00Previous{{price}}}Online{{{price}}{{percent}}}Card Oh{{price}}{{percent}}This offer ends in:Ask for your card oh! and receive s/.80

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We exchange your product for a new one, free of charge.BenefitsYour product will be attended by specialized technicians.If it is irreparable, we give you a new one! If you can’t take your product with you, we go to your home to fix it.if your product is a basic need, we lend you one while we repair yours.

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MAC’s Make-up Art Cosmetics collection is here!!!! in which several artists were inspired by products to create works of art such as photography, painting and illustration.the colors are super bright which makes it a super fun collection… yes, there are some more sober and neutral color palettes that are super combinable!I LOVE PIGMENTS…. WHAT A SHOW! here’s a video to give you a better idea of what it’s all about… Bye!

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Peggy Sage’s semi permanent lipliner has been my favorite discovery this month.It’s a liner that can be used as mouth paint but it’s not just any mouth paint.It’s made with a water base that when applied to the lips dries to be absorbed and accentuate the color.It doesn’t rub off on the lips lasting for hours without having a heavy look like with any other creamy mouth paint.I’ve been using it all this week and I love it. The more coats I apply, the darker the color is. It’s like a rapidograph for your mouth which makes it easier to apply.The Peggy Sage store is at CC Santa Fe in Caracas if anyone is interested in trying it.