Lifting mechanisms pdf

The trend of rapidly changing technology has severely affected home appliances, which in turn has affected the trend of home interior decoration. One of these changes can be easily detected in the TV and TV lifting mechanisms.

TV lift mechanism has also made this new development more feasible and fashionable. TV lift mechanisms are electrically driven mechanical systems used to move a TV from one direction to another, such as outward and inward from ceilings, partitions or furniture, such as retractable TV cabinets.

Although considered archaic and obsolete, retractable lifts are the most common TV lifts. In a retractable TV lift, the screen is raised vertically, moved by an extended telescopic tube when the electric motor is activated. When opened, the tubes of the multi-room telescopic system lift the TV.

Protective equipment for carrying heavy objects

Generally used for industrial work at heights, and requiring freedom of movement. They have a basket where the operator controls the machine thanks to a control panel, controlling parameters such as height, angle, position or speed.

The market offers a combination of different lifting and translation systems to meet all needs. It is also common to combine articulated and telescopic types for greater versatility.

Normally the machine is autonomous in terms of mobility, and is provided by an electric motor or diesel internal combustion engine. The first case allows the machine to work in closed environments where smoke from the combustion engine could be a problem for the operator.

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The UNE EN 280:2014 standard defines “Mobile personnel lifting platform” as “The mobile machine intended to move people to a working position, where they carry out a task from the platform, with the intention that people enter and exit the working platform at a defined access position of the platform, consisting at least of a working platform with controls, an extendable structure and a chassis.”

Machines for lifting heavy objects

Hydraulic jackThe hydraulic jack works according to Pascal’s principle, which states that the pressure applied to a fluid contained in a closed container is transmitted uniformly in all its points.

Forklift A forklift is a vehicle that can be used to transport, tow, push, stack, raise or lower various objects and elements. The load it carries is balanced by a center of gravity that swings in all directions. This center of gravity determines its stability. A forklift is a device built to transport various products at different levels and vertically.

Lifting table It consists of a table with a scissor mechanism, and driven by various means, mainly by an electric motor, hydraulic or pneumatic actuator. Its function is to lift loads from ground level to a certain height.

Hoist Mechanisms

The mast makes a big difference in the functionality of a forklift within a particular environment. The single mast raises the inner mast section along with the load. This requires additional overhead clearance to allow the mast channels to rise higher than the load. This can be problematic in narrow aisles and in confined spaces at lower forklift heights.

This mast is the optimal choice when loads require double stacking and the forklift will not be placing those loads within high racking.    Examples of material handling applications include cross dock transport and manufacturing component delivery operations (Also known as: Vertical Duplex or Two Stage Free Lift Mast).

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This type of mast has a hydraulic cylinder located in the center of the mast assembly, which helps push loads upward, allowing the load to rise while the mast itself remains stationary. Once the trolley reaches the top of the inner rails, two side support rails complete the lifting process.