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You can find the exact details in the wiki .BuzzI seem to remember that when they used it again in “Moebius”, they suddenly started calling it a “puddle jumper”, even though that name had never been used before on SG-1, and they were not in contact with Atlantis.Martin HandrlicaMaybe it was present in a newspaper or magazine at the dinner and Daniel read it there.iMerchantUnbelievable. Simple question, simple answer. I’m stuck watching season 8. I knew this would be answered quickly. I accepted your answer because you were the first. :-)starpilotsixMoebius happened at the end of the season, and at that point Atlantis had managed to open the gate to Earth for about 3 seconds and sent a burst of compressed data full of mission reports, etc., so they probably learned the name from there. (I recently went back and watched those eps).

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Oui mais le Jumper est beaucoup plus manoeuvrable que la Cité.Yes but the Jumper is much more maneuverable than the city.Nous savons exactement que le Jumper est quelque part dans cette zone.We now know definitively that the Jumper is somewhere in this zone. Le Jumper pourrait les effrayer.Le Jumper pourrait les effrayer.The Jumper may alarm them.Nous avons perdu le Jumper et les communications avec Atlantis.Well we lost the Jumper and we lost communications with Atlantis.OK rien ne cloche avec le Jumper.True true. There is nothing wrong with the ship.

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Totally agree!- However, the same should apply to the entire beam as well: it should not start to emerge until the firing has ceased at the point of origin, meaning it could only fire for half the cycle of a stargate, half going in and then the rest of the time for it to emerge.

I disagree that this question is a duplicate of asks why there have been instances of things materializing on the other side of a Stargate when they are still attached by something on the other side.This question asks how an energy beam can pass through a Stargate wormhole.The proposed duplicate has an assumed answer, whereas this question can be answered using the proposed physics set forth in Stargate canon.

I agree with @KMo, this is a completely different question.Also, Gaultheria’s comment is a good answer that would not be good for the other question.Even if it is a plasma beam (not light), the particles would not be connected to each other and would simply be a group of unconnected particles that simply travel in the same direction (like sand or grain being poured as we have seen before).This is different than a rope or breathing tube where the particles are connected.

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From this idea we proposed to the Gran Vía de Vigo Shopping Center the realization of the First World Championship of Solidarity Puddles. The project took exactly 5 seconds to be accepted by Angélica Falagán, marketing director of the Gran Vía de Vigo Shopping Center and from there began the work of shaping this great cure. 3 months of amazing work and above all fun.

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After all this began the most complicated part: The Space. For two months we worked side by side with the magicians of Cdec to make a friendly space, safe for all participants and anti-leakage!