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The Stand (The Dance of Death) is a post-apocalyptic novel of horror and suspense by American writer Stephen King, originally published in 1978. In it, King reworks the plot of his short story “Night Surge” (included in The Threshold of Night). It is the fourth novel written by King, one of the best known worldwide and in the United States, the author’s best-selling fiction. Several critics and fans consider the work to be one of King’s best works.[1] In 1990, the novel was re-released in the United States.

In 1990, the novel was republished under the title The Stand: The Complete & Uncut Edition (Apocalypse). In this new edition, King recovered part of the original text, which had been eliminated in favor of brevity. In addition to adding and revising some sections, the author changed the setting of the story from 1980 to 1990, and updated several of the pop culture references. In addition, the new version featured illustrations by Berni Wrightson.

Charles D. Campion, one of the members of the security apparatus of the military complex where the so-called Project Blue takes place, detects a catastrophic failure in the procedure and manages to escape with his family.


In order to choose a Starkey hearing aid and improve hearing loss, it is essential to take into account the needs of each person. One of the most important aspects is the lifestyle of each user, the activities they perform on a daily basis, depending on these, the user will need a hearing aid with more or less technology.

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Hearing aid brands such as Starkey, distribute hearing solutions in different ranges and with different price ranges, varying according to the characteristics and features incorporated in them.

Starkey was the first hearing aid brand to launch canal-canaled devices on the market. They became known thanks to Ronald Regan’s use of this type of headphones. In addition, Austin helped other well-known people such as Nelson Mandela or Mother Teresa.

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2**Associate Professor. Doctorate in Education. Internist. Master in Education with Emphasis in University Teaching. Training in Nutrition and Diabetes. Department of Internal Medicine. School of Medicine. National University of Colombia. Bogotá, Capital District. Colombia.

Beyond glycemic control, metformin modifies the “metabolic memory”, reduces inflammatory mediators and arterial wall thickness, reduces thrombotic factors and reduces the prevalence of heart failure, achieving an impact on morbimortality and through molecular or genetic changes, it has potential use as an anticancer agent. The clinician should be aware of these effects in order to favor its early initiation in indicated cases. MÉD.UIS. 2017;30(1):57-71.

the metformin is a biguanide which main action is to decrease hepatic glucose output, primarily by decreasing gluconeogenesis, and increase glucose uptake by muscles. However, beyond the glycemic target, additional benefits have been documented like a decrease in chronic complications to hyperglycemia, including cardiovascular comorbidity and metabolic syndrome.

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Novelist Richard Ford notes in the book Canada that “not everything has to have a practical consequence. Some things you do because you like doing them.” This paleontologist started out observing and drawing nature just for the pleasure of it. She looked where no one else was looking and became one of the world’s most celebrated “fossil hunters”.

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By 1929, archaeologist Dorothy Garrod needed an expert to help her in her excavations of the caves located on Mount Carmel (Israel) and did not hesitate to send Bate the fossil remains for examination. But Bate was an enemy of distance and too friendly to any new and exciting development, so she decided to join Garrod in 1934. They worked together and discovered remains of fifty-four different species, including the Mesopotamian Dama artiodactyla and Gazella.

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