Muslin gauze

Reusable cloth bag with the Red Kangaroo logo, 100% cotton, for your shopping or whatever you want to take with you on your outings. Ideal to carry folded always in your bag or pocket, in your backpack, in the car and not have to resort to plastic bags, pay, polluting, and environmentally unfriendly, with long handles to carry by hand or hang over the shoulder, too. Books, shopping, toys from the playground, etc. And, of course, to show off your kangaroo pride.Write a review

Eco-friendly fabric

Our GREEN & PROTECT products are 100% climate-friendly by carbon offsetting through certified forestry projects. The chosen project is located in Guizhou province in China and covers a total of 23,700 hectares of previously barren land. The aim of the project is to contribute to climate change mitigation by sequestering atmospheric CO2 during biomass growth, while contributing to local sustainable development, environmental and biodiversity conservation and soil quality improvement. All afforestation activities are carried out in collaboration and with the full consent of the local village committees and villagers. The trees planted are predominantly indigenous species, such as cypress, Masson pine, Chinese fir and Yunnan pine.

It is usually recommended to change standard first aid dressings on a daily basis for hygienic reasons. It is recommended that some advanced dressings, such as quick-healing plasters, which provide treatment in wet conditions, should not be changed for two days or even longer so as not to interrupt the healing process.

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Sale of ecological fabrics

We offer wipes in different densities, daily pads and postpartum dressings, all made with imported waterproof, breathable, anti-fungus and bacteria, and cotton in contact with the skin.

They can be used as night wipes, pre/post delivery dressing, incontinence. Cotton sleeve in contact with the skin with a waterproof pul base, where a pure cotton or gauze absorbent is placed.

Same as a disposable wipe, only instead of discarding it, we will rinse and wring it under cold water and leave it to soak. Then they go into the washing machine and are ready for the next cycle. They can also be washed by hand, following these instructions

100% waterproof. They replace the PVC ones, which are not breathable. They come in two sizes, and can be used over underwear with disposable dressings, or with reusable dressings. These are fastened to the base of the garment, and the absorbent pads can be adjusted according to the level of incontinence.

The flow is heavier in part due to increased hormone production and increased blood supply to the vaginal area. Changes in vaginal discharge are part of the normal adaptation of pregnancy, so they cannot be avoided. However, some hygienic measures can be taken to reduce the discomfort it can cause:

Organic cotton buy

Discover here our organic muslin / organic double gauze / organic triple gauze fabrics with GOTS certification, made of 100% organic cotton in different weaving qualities. They are also often called organic muslin fabrics, organic double gauze fabrics or gauze fabrics.

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