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The courts and fields are necessary and essential to be able to develop the different sports modalities. In many occasions they tend to be the focus of discussion of some teams, since they Read more…

Practicing any sport carries a load of essential expenses, all of them related to the acquisition of the necessary material to be able to develop it. There are people who always opt for the Read more…

To detect if a ping pong table is professional you must take into account that the surface is rectangular and is formed by 2’74 meters long, and 1’52 wide. Its height should be 76 cm from the floor, and its color should be dark matte -usually green or blue- together with the white lines at the bottom and sides -of 2 cm each- and the central one -of 3 mm-.

Although the surface of a professional table tennis table can be made of any material -usually wood-, it must be able to provide a uniform bounce of 23 centimeters -approximately- when a ball is dropped on it at a height of 30 cm above it.

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You don’t need a racket to play tennis, now you will jump on the court with only 4 dice.    You can play tennis and have a great time with your friends and family.    You can create your own tournaments. Play one or three sets, it will take you about 5 minutes per set. It is very fun and addictive.

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The dice are sold with a little bag so that you can take them with you anywhere and do not lose them. Oh, and you can keep the bag in your pants pocket. Don’t tell me that everything is easy.

I liked it. I bought it together with the rugby one and I also liked it a lot. They are quick games and you can take it anywhere with the bag that comes with it. Highly recommended for the kids and also for adults.

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Whether for fun among friends and family or for professional practice, ping pong tables are a good idea to relax and have some fun in a healthy way. There are different types of tables on the market. However, of all the available options, there are two that stand out for having the approval of the user community. So if you want a folding and portable table, the Cornilleau 131725 model is made of resin and has a locking system, 2.5 cm legs, adjustable base and wheels. However, if what you want is a more conventional model, the Klarfit King Pong takes up little space and has the regulatory measures of the playing surface, being manufactured with a special shockproof coating.

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A synthetic tennis court surface is an excellent solution for players who play several times a week. If you’re ready to install a synthetic turf tennis court, Sport Surfaces can help.

We are proud to be one of the top recommended synthetic tennis court contractors in FL. Our professionals will be happy to facilitate the construction of your new synthetic tennis court.

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No need to deal with a natural grass surface that requires a lot of maintenance and is frustrating. With artificial turf or synthetic grass court construction, all the problems that exist with a natural grass court are eliminated.

A synthetic turf tennis court requires less maintenance compared to other types of tennis court surfaces, especially clay courts. General guidelines for keeping your synthetic court in perfect condition are:

The posts are the fundamental structure of the fence. We recommend 6.4 meter end posts (2.7 meters) and 6.4 meter line posts (medium) for fencing. These posts are available in 3 different quality grades (pipe is normally only used for temporary applications).