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Headphones rexton peru

Rechargeable rexton hearing aids

An easy-to-use hearing aid remote control with a display screen that makes it easy to adjust volume, programs and turn the hearing aids on and off, as well as other customized functions.

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The Charging Station+ has an integrated drying function and UV cleaning light, ensuring that your hearing aids stay in good condition, keeping them as reliable as possible.

The portable charger for the M-Core SR hearing aids allows for on-the-go recharging, for up to 4 days of use, so you can easily enjoy a relaxing weekend trip without the need for a power outlet.

Once the headphones are placed in the charging station, the charging process begins automatically. A full charge takes approximately 4 hours. Even after only 30 minutes, the headphones are ready for another 7 hours of use. Three LEDs show the charging status of the hearing systems.


You will be able to start using the hearing aid when you see it in MFi Hearing aids with a check mark. Control on locked screen is activated. Leave it on to control your hearing device from the locked screen (via the quick accessibility feature) and from the Control Center on the iPhone or iPod touch or from the Control Center on the iPad.

You can make quick changes to the hearing aid volume and presets directly from the locked screen with the Quick Accessibility feature’s hearing aid button or Control Center.