How to get out of a tight parking space

Parking and maneuvering cause the most headaches for car and insurance. A good percentage of liability claims (and all mishaps) occur when getting the vehicle into or out of a parking space. One of the reasons for this is that modern cars are getting bigger and bigger and their boundaries more and more blurred…, while parking spaces and garages have not grown in proportion. It is true, but even so, it is not so difficult to park a car smoothly. So, how can we avoid and repair scratches against garage columns?

Garage parking law

Parking a car is one of the maneuvers that usually causes the most panic and nerves among drivers. This step is usually the most complicated when it comes to getting a driver’s license, but today we explain all the details of how to park in a garage.

To make a battery parking you need some references to park, in this case will be the cars located to the left and right of the hole where you are going to place your car. We put our vehicle perpendicular to that car, you must calculate half a meter or so of distance, then start the reverse gear turning the steering wheel in the direction of the hole where we are going to park. You must look left and right with the rear-view mirrors carefully to fit the car in the desired place.

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A trick to park in battery is to know that when your rear wheel has passed the headlight of the other vehicle you will know that you are not going to hit the other car. Once you have the car in, you must center it by putting it in first gear and reverse gear until the maneuver is complete.

Don’t get scratched as you drive out of a garage

Mar122019Road SafetyA vehicle with an automatic gearbox has a P position, the parking position. But that doesn’t mean that just putting that position is enough to park with an automatic correctly. We have inherited a bad habit from the Americans that causes breakdowns.

In this way, what you are doing is that a secondary shaft of the transmission prevents the movement of the car, making that shaft support all the weight of the car. I am sure that in your old car with manual gearbox, you have put the car in first gear or reverse gear once the engine is off, to offer greater resistance if the handbrake is released. If in a manual car you put it in first or reverse gear on the flat when the engine is stopped and try to push it yourself, you will see that it is impossible. Do you know why? The gear shift is preventing your strength from moving it, but that doesn’t mean that a push from another car or a bigger slope will overcome that resistance. That’s why the handbrake is so important, and in an automatic, it’s just as important.

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How to get out of a garage

For many drivers, especially beginners, parking is one of the most nerve-wracking maneuvers.  We do not calculate well, we do not leave space for other drivers to park, and we make many maneuvers until we get it, generating attention from other drivers who are waiting to circulate.

We will see battery parking on the sidewalks of the streets, since it takes up less space on streets and avenues. It means that the car will be parked in a line, with the front facing the rear of the car in front, and our rear will be facing the front of the car behind us.

We must leave reasonable spaces between one car and another, so that we can all maneuver and leave the parking lot, and we must also make sure that our car is not crooked and too far away from the curb.

It is best that the rear of the car is facing the sidewalk or the wall, so that it is easier to get out of the parking lot. In addition, the reversing maneuver is more visible to other drivers.