How to prevent accidents in the kitchen for children

Cataloguing date: January 2005In, Alberto.Manual de Prevencin de Accidentes /Alberto In [and collaborators].2nd ed. – Buenos Aires: FUNDASAP, 2005.104 p.; 26×18 cm.ISBN 987-21687-2-51. Accidents-Prevencin. I. Title CDD 363.107

Cover and back cover illustrations:Drawings of children from all over the country, awarded in the Accident Prevention Contest, 2nd Congress of General Ambulatory Pediatricians, November 2001.Cover: from left to right: Soledad Ibaldi (Esquel, Chubut) and Mauricio M. Salazar (Jujuy).Back cover: from left to right: Celeste Nadim Bujer (Esquel, Chubut) and Sebastin G. Garca (Tucumn).

ForewordSince its creation in 1911, the Argentine Society of Pediatricians has firmly respected the fundamental objectives that sustained it: to prepare human resources of the highest quality and to work tirelessly for the improvement of children’s health. Its solid and balanced presence in the heart of Argentine society serves to create strong bonds of trust with the community as a whole.This relationship has grown over time and is manifested in different ways. One of them is through the growing demand for educational material published by SAP. In the second edition of this excellent work, the members of the Accident Prevention Subcommittee of the SAP have further deepened the educational action directed towards the community. The Board of Directors, through me, congratulates and thanks the Subcommittee and all the outstanding collaborators who supported it, encouraging them to continue working towards a primary objective: to change through education the behaviors that pose a risk to children and adults in our country.Dr. Daniel BeltraminoPresident of the Argentine Society of Pediatricians

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Knife accidents in the kitchen

The higher the speed, the less time the driver has to brake and avoid a crash. The higher the speed, the greater the severity, therefore setting speed limits is intended to minimize the results of an accident, since the probability of a pedestrian being killed after being struck by a vehicle increases exponentially with increasing speed.

Helmets are also a protection that greatly resolves injuries caused by traffic accidents, but to be effective they must be UNIT 650-approved and be the right size for the person.

International studies show that a motorcyclist without a helmet is more likely to die from head injuries than one who wears a helmet. Seventy-five percent of motorcyclists who die in traffic accidents are due to head injuries.

The importance of using safety systems and respecting the rules is not only important to avoid injuries and deaths in traffic, but also to reduce the costs incurred as a result of a traffic accident: medical care, mobilization of specialized personnel (fire department, medical emergency, etc.) and hospitalization in CTI.

Accidents in a kitchen

The development of the teaching activity in classrooms implies, far from what most people think, a series of risks for the safety and health of teachers, which they should be aware of.

Although both the electrical installations and the different devices used as support elements in the teaching of classes (overhead projectors, laptops, slide projectors…) are equipped with safety devices, it is important to take into account some general preventive rules, to avoid those electrical risks that occur more frequently. Thus:

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Another of the causes that originate accidents in classrooms are falls to floor level, due to the poor condition of the workplace or an incorrect arrangement of the furniture. However, these can be avoided by following these simple recommendations:

Keeping the workplace tidy and clean is a basic principle of safety, since disorder and lack of cleanliness is the cause of many of the blows and falls that occur daily in our workplace.

Kitchen accidents pdf

The first hours after an accident are vital for the people who have been injured, which is why first aid for the victims is so important. To get an idea of its importance, approximately 50% of traffic accident fatalities occur immediately or within the first few minutes after the accident. Most injuries or fatalities are caused by bleeding or respiratory problems such as airway obstruction.

Experts recommend that the intervention of health professionals should not take more than 10 to 15 minutes to increase the chances of survival. And what can we do during these first minutes when we are the first people who can attend to the victims? The actions of the citizen who is with the injured person are key until the ambulance arrives.

If all drivers were capable of performing basic first aid techniques to contain bleeding or free the airway, we could avoid a significant number of deaths before the arrival of the emergency medical services.