How to turn your hearing aid on and off?

Forget about turning your hearing aids on and off to charge them. Simply insert your hearing aids, which will turn off while they are in their charger slots, and remove them once they are charged. And when you remove them from the charger, they will turn on automatically. You will be ready to enjoy a whole day of the best hearing, even using the streaming of your hearing aids. It’s that easy!

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What to do if your hearing aid stops working

High-end hearing aid PHONAK model AUDEO Q70 312-T. Perfect working condition. Checked and reset in General Optics. Review prior to the sale in General Optics in the presence of the buyer to guarantee its working condition. Original price: 4.155€ Sold for: 1.490€ 6 batteries and devices to connect by bluetooth the hearing aids to the TV valued at 380€ are given as a gift. #hearing aid #hearing aid #audifono #audifonos #audifonos #Audeo #Q70 #312T #audición #audición #auditivo #sordo #sordera #gaes #generalóptica #phonak

For sale these hearing aids valued at 6000 euros They are used very little They are programmable to adapt to any hearing problem They come from family inheritance Make offer I insist, valued at 6000 euros, I will not respond to absurd offers.

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Two accessories for hearing aids are sold with very little use and in perfect condition: Phonak Compilot 1 (to connect the hearing aids to the cell phone via Bluetooth) and Base TV Link II (to connect the hearing aids to the TV) All for 100€.

Phonak Audéo B Rechargeable Headset

No matter what your hearing aid needs are or what your budget is, because I’ve done a thorough analysis of your hearing aid needs.


Behind-the-ear hearing aids are devices that are placed behind the ear and, thanks to a thin transparent tube connected to an earphone, transmit sound to the inside of the ear canal. They are indicated for the treatment of medium-severe hearing loss and are available in different colors. They are also the best solution for the treatment of infantile hearing loss.

ITE Endo-aural hearing aids are inserted at the entrance of the ear canal and are not very visible from the outside; as they are located inside the canal, there is no risk of them becoming entangled or falling out accidentally. They can be used by people with mild to moderate degrees of hearing loss and can be customized to blend in with skin and hair color.

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