César Millán’s rules

How to load the clicker Before starting to work with the clicker it is necessary to “load” it, that is to say, to associate the sound to the reinforcement. It is recommended to associate it with food prizes because it is a very motivating and easy to handle primary reinforcement, although later we can also use other types of reinforcements such as balls, teethers, caresses, flattery…

Educate – Train Educate, that is to say, “to put some disciplinary guidelines and exercises directed to achieve the development and corporal perfection”, is basic and indispensable from the beginning of our relationship with the dog. This education is intimately linked to the training…

The dog charmer

Borja Capponi rose to fame in 2010 thanks to the program Malas pulgas, a format with which Cuatro found its own national ‘dog charmer’, trying to emulate the international success of César Millán.

“Fifty dog handlers had already gone through the casting, but none of them liked César Millán and for me, on the other hand, he was an idol. When they saw me, they freaked out,” he says. So he suddenly became the host of Malas pulgas and went from anonymity to become a television phenomenon, but his success would be fleeting.

After the excellent results of the first season, BocaBoca decided to record new episodes with Capponi, but they never saw the light of day and his television career was cut short. In addition, Mediaset was able to count on César Millán to create El líder de la manada, which completely ended Capponi’s options at the network.

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Then began a real hell for the trainer of Malas pulgas. He suffered serious economic problems, faced eviction and worked as a stock boy in a supermarket. “I called BocaBoca every day crying,” he says in the interview.

The leader of the pack

César Felipe Millán Favela (Culiacán, Sinaloa; August 27, 1969), known as César Millán, is a Mexican dog trainer.[1] He is known for the television series El encantador de perros, and is also co-author of the books El camino de César, Sé el líder de la manada and Un miembro de la familia, where he indicates how to understand and treat some canine problems.

He is the son of Felipe Millán Guillén and María Teresa Favela. Millán comments that the person who most influenced his decision to become a dog trainer was his step-grandfather Teodoro Millán Ángulo.[4] In his book, César Millán states that in every dog he sees, the spirit of his grandfather is present.

How much césar millán earns

Millán attributes his knowledge to growing up on a humble farm in Sinaloa with his grandfather, a man who had an innate wisdom that his grandson was later able to put into words. He has written three