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Shelters and shelters across the country are always looking for loving homes for cats of all types and ages, including kittens. If you’re thinking of adopting a kitten, there are a number of things to pay particular attention to when looking for the right shelter or foster home.

If you prefer to buy a kitten from a breeder, think about which breed is best suited to your family and remember that pure breeds don’t come cheap. There are many things to think about when deciding where to buy a kitten.

Once you have researched breeders and found the one that seems right for you, talk to the breeder to discuss your concerns. The following questions will help you decide if a breeder or private seller is right for you:

If you are buying a kitten from a registered breeder or someone you trust (a friend, for example) it is important to see the condition the kittens are in. The place should look good, smell clean and be warm and dry. The mother and kittens should have their own space, preferably away from other adult cats, and there should be no signs of overcrowding.


We, the Protective Associations, have the obligation to raise awareness and educate the population since we currently have an INVISIBLE SOCIAL EMERGENCY, coming from our ignorance and others from our own selfishness.

Will you take into account the ethological part of the behavior of both? Do you have knowledge of “the imprinting” when separating the puppies from the mother or on the contrary that puppy will have behavioral problems in its adulthood?

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Unfortunately, we do not know these particular responsible persons. Therefore, a high % of your pet’s offspring will not have the same fate as your dog or cat: statistically, a high % will end up abandoned, mistreated, dead or hopefully caged in a shelter.

– CONSANGUINITY (DISEASES): Do you know the constant suffering of these animals and of the people who acquire them thinking that the animal is in perfect physical, psychological and behavioral conditions, and the money they have to spend, if they can, to get them out?

Singapura cat cattery

A Persian cat, a Siamese, a Maine Coon or a British Shorthair? No matter which breed you choose, if you want a specific breed of cat, you should go to a serious breeder. But how to recognize a serious cat breeder? To make sure you have made a good choice, you should ask the following ten questions to cat breeders.

Take enough time to choose a cattery and a kitten. Unfortunately, there are many black sheep among the sellers, who care more about profits than the health of the kitten. Before making an appointment to buy a kitten, you should have a good feeling and be sure that the kitten comes from a good cattery. To support your instinct a little, below, we have compiled ten questions to evaluate the seriousness of cat breeders.

During a visit to a breeder, in addition to a personal conversation, the main thing is the condition of the cats and their environment. It is not a question of whether or not you like the breeder’s furniture or carpets, but whether the kittens are raised in a bright, friendly and clean environment. If the kittens are kept outside the house, in a kennel, a basement or a shed, then the breeder’s love for the breeder’s animals is not so great. As independent as cats are, they need the closeness of people. Besides, they should get used to life with humans from birth. Therefore, buy only from cat breeders who have their animals at home and who are raised in contact with humans.

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Maine coon

There are many ways to get a dog. We believe that the adoption option is one of the best ways, but we recognize that sometimes people want to buy a puppy from a breeder. However, it is very important to know what tips to follow to find the perfect pet and to understand what to look for when buying a puppy and the questions to ask when you see the puppy and the breeder for the first time.    Also check that the breed of dog you choose is right for you, it is not the same to buy a French bulldog as a black German Shepherd.

Here are some important things to keep in mind when getting your puppy, including questions to ask when buying a puppy and things to consider when buying a puppy.

Buying a puppy from a breeder can be unpredictable if you don’t know what to look for, or what questions to ask when buying. You could end up with a sick or dying puppy that, even if it survives, could be plagued with lifelong health and behavioral problems.