How to set up an ngo in the province of buenos aires

2. Foundational Act: the minimum content of the foundational act is established in article 6 of the Organic Law, of March 22, regulating the right of association. The founding act must be signed electronically by all the founding members. It is advisable to use this model of founding act. If one of the founding members of the association is a legal entity, this model certificate for a legal entity must also be provided.

3. Statutes: the minimum content of the statutes is established in article 7 of the Organic Law of March 22nd, regulating the right of association. The bylaws must be electronically signed by all founding members. It is advisable to use this model of statutes. You can also use the model bylaws for youth associations and the AMIPA model bylaws.

Registration of ngos in argentina

ContentBefore submitting an application, please read the Guide for the use of the electronic registry, review the technical requirements for submitting applications and make sure that your signature certificate is correct:

1) THE NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS FOR DEVELOPMENT that concur to the present call and that therefore must comply at the time of submission of the application and that must be maintained until the time of the resolution and final justification, in case of being subsidized, are the following:

What is a ngo

It is the system that allows you to register the individuals or legal entities that perform acts of commerce, modify and renew the books, acts and documents related to the industrial, commercial and service activities performed by them; there is a Commercial Registry for each Chamber of Commerce and Production that is located in a province.

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This instrument avoids seven (7) transfers, three (3) forms, four (4) payments in different offices, visits to four (4) different administrative units and at least twenty (20) working days to obtain the final answer.

After this, you must verify your chosen trade name (subject to review by the National Office of Intellectual Property -ONAPI-) which must be in the name selection page in the chamber’s system.

It means that your file contains an observation by the Commercial Registry, which must be corrected within 90 days from the day the payment of the corresponding service was made; after corrected it must be deposited again, having the delivery term corresponding to the type of service requested.


On Monday 07/02/2022, starting at 18:00h, a scheduled intervention will begin, which is estimated to last about 1.5 hours. The following services may be affected: electronic office, telematic registry and virtual office. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Please note that only the person who is listed as the Applicant in the application form, with his/her digital certificate, will be able to access the Certificate in the Electronic Office. Notwithstanding, the Certificate is also sent in paper format to the address indicated in the application.