What happens if I sell my motorcycle without transferring it

Do you think that your car has already served its purpose or do you simply want to buy a 0 km car? If the answer is yes, surely you are thinking about what to do to sell your vehicle and get the maximum value out of it. Here are some essential tips to help you do it successfully.

Do you want to sell your car on the Internet, to individuals, to friends of friends, with an advertisement, to a dealer, to professionals…? The first thing you have to define is the medium through which you will advertise the sale of your vehicle. The easiest way is to do it to a used car buying/selling company, and this way you won’t have any problems and your car will be sold quickly if it is in good condition.

Visit a dealer, a trusted mechanic or your insurance company so you can appraise your car, and this way you will have a clear idea of how much you can ask for it. The recommendation is that you calculate a price that you can then negotiate with the potential buyer. Remember that cars with a price slightly below the market average will sell faster.

You can sell a car without being the owner

If you do not locate him, or if you locate him but he does not respond to your request and still does not make the transfer for the vehicle you have sold, your options will depend on whether you have followed all the steps we have indicated above.

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The deregistration of a vehicle is associated with the payment of fees. To deregister your vehicle, we recommend that you first report your situation at a police station, and then make a temporary deregistration at the Traffic Headquarters. With a definitive deregistration you will not be able to register the vehicle again.

It is important that the contract states who will make and pay for the transfer. If you have sold your car or motorcycle and the buyer does not make the transfer despite having agreed in the contract (in terms of form and deadlines), you can go to the Jefatura de Tráfico with the contract of sale signed by both parties and make a notice of sale. You will save paying for the transfer and taxes, and be responsible for what may happen to the vehicle after that moment.

How to sell a car between individuals

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How to sell your car faster

It is currently possible to make immediate international transfers (in 10 seconds) and with a limit of 15,000 euros, but not all banks are adhered to this system. It is advisable to check with your bank.

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It is always advisable to request the vehicle’s service book. Although it is true, more and more manufacturers opt for the digital service book, especially in fairly recent vehicles. In the case of a brand such as Mercedes-Benz, since October 2012 it has been incorporating the digital service book in its entire range. In such a case, we can ask the seller to ask the official dealer for a copy of the inspections carried out.

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