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“There are times when you think you don’t have time to do this (AAR), then you do it and think: We don’t have time NOT to do it!!!”  (words of a supervisor at the Toledo Refinery in Ohio, USA)

► The “After Action Review” (AAR) in English, is a short and simple process, whose origin comes from the military and that allows to review through a professional discussion, a project, an activity, an event or a task in order to review what happened, why it happened, what went well, what improvements can be made and what lessons can be learned from the experience and thus be able to improve for the next time.

► This process allows learning about successes and failures and not only at the end of the action (“learning after doing”) or experience but throughout the experience (“learning while doing”) and in any instance in which it is applied. This learning is from the team and for the team.

1. Convene the meeting immediately after the event with the people involved in the event, so that by having the recent details in their memory they can review them with greater precision.

Gdc what is it

The GDC has also hosted the Spotlight Awards between 1997 and 1999, the Independent Game Festival since 1999 and the Game Developers Choice Awards since 2001. The GDC is also used for the annual meeting of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA).

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The Independent Games Festival is the first and largest competition for independent games, and showcases the innovative achievements of developers ranging from individuals creating games for the PC to studio teams creating downloadable titles for consoles. A panel of industry judges select finalists and winners, and individual creators are named as winners. The IGF is managed and developed by UBM TechWeb, the organizer of the GDC.

A conference is a section of panels dedicated to a sub-segment of the video game industry that usually also takes place on the first two days of the conference. Some topics that have been the focus of these conferences include indie games, gaming education (for students aspiring to join the industry), serious games, social networking games and online games.

Game developers choice awards

January 17, 2011Javier Martínez Aldanondo is Manager of the Knowledge Management Division at Catenaria GDC (Chile, He is a specialist in e-learning and knowledge management, has a degree in Law, a Master in Foreign Trade, a Master in Internet Management and is a partner of Neos Knowledge and Learning.

To answer this question, first of all we should agree on what we mean by knowledge management, which is nothing more than taking advantage of what you already know (and therefore have learned) to obtain the results you are looking for. Educational organizations, like any other organization, have customers, deliver services to them, are organized through processes that are executed by people, and so on. And at the same time, educational organizations are knowledge organizations, the raw material on which their members work is knowledge and the “product” they deliver to their clients is knowledge. Therefore, their main asset is knowledge, almost everything they have is knowledge. All this means that the main activity that educational organizations must carry out to achieve the desired results is precisely to manage the knowledge they already have and, at the same time, to be prepared to incorporate the knowledge they do not have but need or will need in the future.

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The company Gdc Global S A S S has its main place of business at the address, CALLE 131 45 61 in the city of BOGOTA, BOGOTA. The telephone number of Gdc Global S A S is 3502141566. This company was incorporated as a SOCIEDAD POR ACCIONES SIMPLIFICADA and is engaged in Management consulting activities.