I knew it was a town belonging to Scotland, but I didn’t really know what it meant when our characters mentioned or planned a getaway to Gretna Green, something undoubtedly totally outrageous.

The very particular and usual place where such a celebration took place was nothing more and nothing less The Old Blacksmith’s Shop, built in 1712. In this place simply with, and with the Scottish laws as a shield, since it allowed the “irregular” marriages, they only needed the declaration of consent of the contracting parties before two witnesses, who usually could be the same blacksmiths of the place. A clergyman was not necessarily needed, something that was required by the English law.

Something else very particular is that after the ceremony, the blacksmiths chopped the anvil, marking the end of the ceremony. Thus, the smithy and the anvil became the symbol of the weddings of Gretna Green.

Marriage in Scotland

Gretna Green is a village in southern Scotland, famous because it offered the possibility of marriage, without parental consent, to underage couples.[1] It is located in the council of Dumfries and Galloway, near the mouth of the River Esk, in the county of Dumfriesshire, and was the first Scottish village on the stagecoach route going from London to Edinburgh.

Many young candidates for marriage went from England to Gretna Green. The old blacksmith shop (Old Blacksmith’s shop), built around 1712, became a wedding venue. The anvil became the symbol of marriage in the village. Scottish law also allowed “irregular” marriages (“irregular marriages”), in which a declaration of the contracting parties before two witnesses, who in this case were usually the blacksmiths, was sufficient.

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Is gretna green in england or scotland? online

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Is gretna green in england or scotland? en línea

Gretna Green , village in the council area of Dumfries and Galloway , historic county of Dumfriesshire , Scotland . It lies just north of the River Sark , the dividing line between England and Scotland , and was long famous for being the target of elopements of English couples seeking hastily.marriage .

Nearby Springfield, which with Gretna Green forms Gretna, competed with Gretna Green for the marriage trade until 1830, when a new Sark bridge diverted traffic. Both Gretna Green and Springfield are now primarily agricultural towns. Popular. (2001) Gretna, 2,950; (2011) Gretna, 3150.