How to know the gearbox model

Automobile speedometers are usually not very accurate. In fact, all speedometers can show a higher speed than the real one. It happens in all cars, whatever the make or model, and it happens with both analog and digital dashboards.

ABS sensors can also be used to calculate vehicle speed, but are less common. An old system, no longer in use, used cables with serrated ends to obtain the vehicle speed.

The European regulation that deals with this problem is UN ECE Regulation 39. This text states that the permitted difference between the marked speed and the actual speed must be equal to the actual speed multiplied by 0.1 plus 4 km/h at the most.

What does the d on the standard shift lever mean?

The shift lever of a motor vehicle is an element used to activate or deactivate the corresponding ratios of the gearbox of a vehicle, such as an automobile, with manual gearbox or various common types of automatic transmission.

The device is used to shift gears, in a manual transmission vehicle. This action is normally done while depressing the clutch pedal with the left foot to release the engine from the transmission and wheels.

This arrangement is sometimes referred to as “dog-leg” and is used on some older race cars and street cars with 3-speed transmissions. The name derives from the travels over and under first and second gears. Its use is common in racing and sports cars, but today with 6-speed sequential gears it is declining in popularity.

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Gearbox types

This section consists of three digits. The first one identifies the nation of origin, if the vehicle contains several parts from other countries, the nation where it was assembled is considered. Some countries are divided into regions. For example, cars built in Japan are assigned a J, but vehicles manufactured in the USA may have a 1, 4 or 5 depending on the region of assembly.

The second and third digits identify the vehicle manufacturer, as well as a division, make or type of vehicle. The codes vary by country, but for example for a Ford unit considering the previous point it would be 1F, and depending on the vehicle it would be 1FA, 1FB, etc. Now if we were talking about a General Motors car it would be 1G, but if the unit is Chevrolet (it is a division or brand), then it would be 1GC.

What does the + and – in automatic gearbox mean?

There is a series of letters that spell out P – R – N – D – L. It is the automatic gearshift setting, so it is a technical term. Each letter represents an individual setting within the automatic transmission.

The “P” in an automatic transmission represents the PARK setting. When the shift lever is in park, the transmission “gears” are locked, preventing the wheels from being able to turn forward or reverse.

This setting allows the driver to manually shift the transmission using paddle shifters located on the steering wheel or other action (usually to the left or right of the automatic shift lever).

This is the primary “gear” configuration in an automatic transmission. This gear is used on highways or when the vehicle drives at the same RPM for extended road trips.

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The “R” stands for REVERSE, or the gear selected to drive the vehicle in reverse. When you shift the shift lever from P to R, the automatic transmission’s reverse gear is engaged, which rotates the drive shaft backward, allowing the drive wheels to turn in “reverse”.