Motorcycle Registration

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In other countries like England, France or Portugal the license plates are made of plastic, a much safer material in case of accident, more resistant to inclement weather and why not say it, that feels better to the appearance of the vehicle, are the usual. But here we were still one step behind them…

The price is usually around 15 euros per plate without VAT, to which must be added the shipping costs if we do not go to a distributor. So, for just over 30 euros you will have a set of license plates that can give that touch of fresh air that your car needs.


The most common plate on both ends of a passenger car is the so-called “ordinary long” license plate, with a white background and matte black lettering. It measures exactly 52 centimeters wide by 11 centimeters high and is the license plate present by default on cars, both at the front and at the rear. There is another plate called “ordinary high” of 34×22 centimeters similar to that of motorcycles that can also be used on passenger cars, popularly known as “square”.

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2. Photograph or scan of the DNI or NIE of the person placing the order (whether or not he/she is the owner). *If the vehicle is in the name of a company, it is not necessary to send the CIF of the company, but the DNI or NIE of the person placing the order.

Methacrylate license plates

If you want to make license plates for your vehicle you can go to a specialized center or buy them online. In any of the two cases you will need to present or send a documentation, so they can register who is requesting it, for which car it is and how many plates are made.

You will have to make a new plate for any accessory or trailer that covers the license plate of your car. It is also very common to do this procedure if you want to replace a deteriorated license plate or change the old metal plates for the new acrylic polycarbonate ones.

Of course, you can only make license plates for cars that are already registered. That is to say, that at the time the registration and circulation taxes have been paid and the paperwork has been done at the Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT). This is the only way you will have the necessary documentation for this procedure.

If the vehicle you want to register does not have the documentation, we recommend you to take a look at the following article to know the necessary steps for your car to have everything in order: