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We are people serving people. Therefore, in our work philosophy, we are all important parts in an organization, we all have a potential that only needs to be discovered and enhanced to be part of the change.

This information is very valuable in organizations as it allows us to anticipate solutions based on individual behaviors, as well as the redirection of uncomfortable situations, even before they happen.

How many opportunities have passed in front of us and we have not taken advantage of them because we did not realize they were there? This methodology allows us to train our awareness or attention to the things that happen. It helps us to relax our mind and consequently our mood. It reduces stress with just a few practices.

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This approach allows us to create patterns or skills that generate -as long as there is continuity in the actions- determinant results in reality. That is, the desired results can be obtained if there is a change in what we say and this is in tune with how we act. This perspective is based on the systems of representation of the world that each individual possesses, being of utmost importance the language used to communicate.

Because of its holistic approach, which takes into account the whole human being and his or her experiences, NLP tools work as a sales enhancer. They increase persuasive skills and work to enrich the sales pitch.

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Resonance repatterning. It allows to verify the positive or negative resonance of a person to statements, needs and desires, and then develop the appropriate modality to strengthen. It is the ability to identify what one is in resonance with and discover the behavioral pattern that guides one’s actions. In sales, resonance relates to the salesperson, their self-awareness and what they want to change about themselves.

Neurolinguistic Programming Therapy

In the NLP Practitioner, you acquire theoretical knowledge and learn from your own experience the precise procedures for the detection, use and modification of patterns in human experiences and relationships.

The first generation of NLP was the original model, created by Bandler and Grinder, based on the study and modeling of efficient and effective therapists (Milton Erikson, Virginia Satir, Fritz Perls and Gregory Batenson). Initially, NLP applications were one-to-one, with the focus almost entirely on the individual. The first generation of NLP presupposed a therapeutic relationship in which the therapist knew what was best for his or her client. NLP was considered something that was “done to other people”. This led to the appearance that some NLP applications were manipulative when used in non-therapeutic contexts. Most of the first generation tools and techniques focused on solving a problem at a behavioral level and capabilities.

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You will agree with me that nowadays one of the main Challenges in the Youth as well as in the Adult Age, is the lack of motivation to carry out daily activities, both at School as well as at Professional and Labor level.

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This demotivation and low performance is caused by a series of factors such as Attitude, Discipline, Self-Esteem, Clear Goals and Objectives, etc. In this Brief Therapy and Guided Training, it is made very clear what is the difference between people who can solve a situation and those who are satisfied with surviving. In an entertaining, fun, clear and pedagogical way, you will become aware of the importance of your way of thinking and how thoughts can help you in the development of the solution. If we all do our bit to improve our environment, step by step you will see the results almost immediately.