Cpanel hostinger

There are many hosting control panels, some of them free and others commercial (such as cPanel), but few offer the stability of cPanel, although there are other panels such as VestaCP or CentOS Web Panel that can offer more performance when implementing certain configurations.

cPanel is the front-end, that is, it is the part that is shown to users or customers who host their websites on the server, but WHM is the part of the panel that is used to administer the operating system.

Access, rectification and deletion of data, data portability, limitation or opposition to their processing, the right not to be subject to automated decisions, as well as to obtain clear and transparent information about the processing of their data.

If you have any questions about the operation of cPanel or any suggestions to improve this guide / manual on cPanel, you can contact us using the contact form if you are not our customer, or from the ticket system of our customer area if you are our customer.


How to use cPanel, from its installation to the creation of hosting plans and domains, along with the installation and deployment of a WordPress site, on a secure server with SSL for HTTPS access.

Having your own server is one of the first steps to improve your working conditions as a web developer. It allows you to increase the possibilities of your projects and to use all the modern development and deployment tools.

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However, managing a server is scary for people who are used to traditional hosting and FTP access. If you still have to overcome that stage, a great help is to rely on an administration panel, which allows you to do most of the tasks of domain creation and server configurations, among others, at the click of a button.

In this article we hope to help you and show you how you can create a server with cPanel and easily publish a website on your custom domain. The website we are going to deploy is based on WordPress, since it is one of the most popular options to build sites nowadays. We will also take the necessary steps to have a secure server, for access via HTTPS.

How cpanel works

The locale you select from the cPanel login interface will not change the default locale associated with that cPanel account. If you wish to change the default locale for your account, use the Change Language interface (Home >> Preferences >> Change Language).

If your browser’s Accept-Language header is set, the login interface will try to display the locale that corresponds to this setting. If the locale requested by the browser header is not available, the input interface will appear in English.

Cpanel login

But, if in addition to the main domain you added others to the same cPanel to manage them from a single control panel (for example, to create email accounts), the easiest way to find out which ones they are is to go to the Domains section and click on the application of the same name:

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Generally, current versions of cPanel have a sidebar that displays the main statistics of our hosting service, such as memory usage, number of hosted files and email accounts used. This set of data is located just below the “General Information” section.

It should be noted that the report of this application only shows the total space used by the contents in the folders and subfolders. If you are looking for information on individual files or databases, you may need to use the File Manager or MySQL Databases applications.

cPanel allows you to block certain IP addresses to prevent malicious users from accessing your site. Just go to the “Security” section and click on the IP Blocker application.