“For us, 7nm will be developed by a separate team and doing a lot of hard work. We are very pleased with our progress on 7nm.” said Venkata (Murthy) Renduchintala, chief engineering officer and president of technology, systems architecture and customer group at Intel, speaking at the Nasdaq conference. “I think we’ve taken a lot of lessons from the 10nm experience as we defined that and defined a different optimization point between transistor density, power and performance and schedule predictability. So we are very focused on getting 7nm, apart from our original internal plans,” he added.

The fact that 7nm in EUV is in development would mean a qualitative rollout in or around late 2019, with mass production of chips scheduled for 2020-21, considering that the 10nm DUV came online in late 2017, with the first mass-created product in May 2018.

This would mean that Intel will not stay in the 10nm DUV for long, and could build far fewer generations of processors at this node, as opposed to the “six on 1nm”, due to the delays carried by 10nm.


ASML: Our customers are foundries, but also companies like Intel. Our customers are all the major chipmakers in the world. We work closely with them to make sure we understand their needs, priorities and challenges.

We have a customer support group that services our systems in the field at customer sites. They install the systems, maintain them and upgrade them (software or hardware) when needed or requested. We are in our customers’ factories every day.

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ASML: Yes. We are driving a roadmap to achieve zero waste by 2030 and zero net emissions in the value chain by 2040. We are updating our ESG sustainability policy, which will be published in our annual report in February 2022. This is the slide that our CEO Peter Wennink presented during Investor Day in September:

ASML: Based on our customers’ roadmaps, we see Moore’s Law continuing over the next decade, and especially in terms of system scaling (chip integration, new architectures, new materials, power reductions, etc.), our customers are very optimistic about the innovation ahead.


Little by little, the supply of electric vehicles in Mexico will grow as the cost of these types of cars decreases and the infrastructure grows. Currently there are already brands that are venturing to surprise first to gain the trust of consumers or the curious. Today the Chevrolet Bolt EUV 2022 arrives in Mexico, the new generation of the electric compact that had already left us good experiences in its first iteration. Here are the details of prices, versions and equipment.

It is the EUV variant -the longest-, which arrives in Mexico. We are talking about dimensions of 4,305 mm long, that is 15 cm longer than a Bolt EV; a wheelbase longer by 7.8 cm which is reflected especially in legroom in the rear and only half a centimeter wider and higher.

Visually, there is a progression towards a more modern product, with a futuristic look, but without falling into exaggeration. It makes use of thin and sharp optics, in addition to textures where the grille would be to give a technological appearance. While its features are more similar to those of a compact hatchback, details such as the wheel arches with black plastic and roof rails seek to give the appearance of a crossover / SUV.

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Euv lithography

ASML is a major supplier of key equipment (including EUV and DUV) required for foundry and memory production. This factory primarily manufactures optical components used in lithography systems, such as wafer tables, reticle holders and mirror blocks. Reticle holders, used for fixing photomasks, are rare. Currently, most of the components produced at this plant are destined to supply EUV machines, while most of the demand for these products comes from the foundry plants. If the fire delays the delivery of components, it cannot be ruled out that ASML will prioritize production allocation to fulfill orders from the foundry plants.