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Second additional provision. Recognition of financial credit institutions under Regulation (EU) No. 575/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 26 June 2013 on prudential requirements for credit institutions and investment firms and amending Regulation (EU) No. 648/2012.

Ninth Transitional Provision. Transitional regime for companies whose shares are being traded exclusively in a multilateral trading system, which reach a market capitalization of more than five hundred million euros.

Tenth Transitional Provision. Bond issues pursuant to Law 211/1964, of December 24, 1964, on the regulation of bond issues by companies which have not adopted the form of Corporations, Associations or other legal entities and the constitution of the Syndicate of Bondholders.

Sixth final provision. Amendment of Law 22/2014, of November 12, on the regulation of venture capital entities, other closed-end collective investment entities and management companies of closed-end collective investment entities, and amending Law 35/2003, of November 4, on Collective Investment Institutions.


If you were notified of a tax debt, pay it within 30 business days or within the term mentioned in the document received, since you can obtain reductions for prompt payment, in case of fines.

Along with the notification, you will receive a Federal Contribution Payment Form (FCF) containing a catch line, which specifies the deadline for payment, which you can present at the window of any banking institution or through the internet.

The goods can be released from the seizure and returned to the owner, as long as they have not been sold or adjudicated, prior payment of the tax debts and the execution expenses that have been generated.

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The payment can be made with the Format for Payment of Federal Contributions (FCF) with capture line, which you can obtain in the form mentioned in section “A. Printing of FCF with capture line”.

It is important for you to know that if the amount of the sale of the seized goods does not cover the total amount of the tax debt owed, the tax authority will continue with its procedures in order to obtain the total payment of the debt, and if it is the case, it will seize more goods.

Bancomer Credit

When you apply for a mortgage or consumer credit, you have the possibility of requesting some months of grace, which is an extra period in which you can postpone the payment of your obligations due to the financing provided by the financial institution.

As a result of the health emergency, many people have suffered the loss of their job or a decrease in their salary, so they must consider various options to protect their future. In that sense, some credit institutions are offering up to 4 months of grace, so your credit payments will be paused during that period if you arrange it with your bank.

Use the grace months to your advantage, as long as they can help you better meet your current needs. Try not to request them on a whim, but make it an action that will help you survive the quarantine.

Personal credit

The amounts credited for remunerations, liabilities and social benefits are subject to the unseizability regime established by law for a term of 180 days as from the date of the respective credit.

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A simplified account service is established, which financial intermediation institutions are obliged to offer to traders included in the Monotributo and micro-enterprise regimes, with the basic conditions of payroll accounts.

For the discount authorization to be valid, the payroll credit must comply with a series of requirements regarding the currency in which it is granted, the value of the installment and the interest rate implicit in the loan.

The payment and delivery of money in any operation or legal business, regardless of the contracting parties, may be made in cash up to the amount established by law (1,000,000 indexed units); the balance must be paid by means of payment other than cash.