Statutory default interest 2021

Companies today are in a very complicated situation due to the state of the economy and there is no need to dwell on this. The financial resources available are used to meet obligations with suppliers, to pay salaries, for current expenses, and if there is any margin left, for the payment of taxes. This is true in the majority of cases of SMEs or microenterprises. And it also occurs in large companies, although to a lesser extent, because they have greater possibilities of genuine financing within the activity itself.

When we talk about taxpayer compliance, we refer to compliance with formal aspects and also with payments on time. That is to say, it may happen that the taxpayer does not file a tax return, as it may also happen that he files it and does not pay the balance. The lack of payment is an element of consideration for the qualification and leads the taxpayer who has not complied to have higher costs in case he/she wants to comply. Higher interest rates on payment plans, stricter limits on the number of plans to which the taxpayer may adhere and other limitations.

At what time do they pay the fortnight’s salary?

The Consumer Law establishes a series of rights for consumers in the matter of extrajudicial collections, among them, that companies may only charge collection expenses after the first 20 days of debt arrears and may only demand proportional amounts for actual expenses with the maximum ceilings established by the Law.

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According to the regulations, collections may only be made for the actions effectively carried out and the maximum amount may not exceed a percentage of the amount owed, according to the following scale, by tranches:

“As a government, we know that Chilean families are going through complex economic and social times. Some consumers are having difficulties to pay their debts and have been forced to delay the payment of some installments because their income has been affected by the pandemic. Other consumers, as soon as they have had resources, have tried to catch up with their commitments, so, with this calculator, we are providing a tool so that they can easily know how much they should pay for collection expenses and not have to pay a single peso more, either due to ignorance or a possible abuse in the collection process”, emphasizes Undersecretary Esteban Carrasco.

Collection of overdue invoices in mexico

PaymentsStages of the AdSense payment cycleNext: Home page reports: revenueThe AdSense payment cycle is monthly. As the month progresses, you will accumulate estimated revenue. At the beginning of the following month, the final revenue will be calculated and posted to the balance on the Payments page. If your balance exceeds the payment threshold and you have no holds, you will be issued a payment between the 21st and 26th of the month. The exact date you receive your payment will depend on your time zone, whether the 21st falls on a weekend or holiday, and the payment method selected.

Western Union Quick Cash payments are sent between the 21st and 26th of the month and can be cashed at any Western Union office in your country one business day after they are issued.

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It may take up to 15 business days for the payment to post to your Rapida Online account. Please note that there may be occasional delays due to file processing. More information about receiving payments via Rapida

Maximum legal deadline for payment to suppliers 2020

SP. Superintendencia de Pensiones – Gobierno de ChileHome / Pension Education / Pension SystemHome / Pension Education / Pension System / AFP SystemHome / Pension Education / Pension System / AFP System / Compulsory Pension ContributionHome / Pension Education / Unemployment InsuranceHome / Pension Education / Unemployment Insurance / ContributorsI do not shareShareWhat should the employer do if he/she is in arrears in the payment of his/her workers’ contributions? social security debt, penalties, overdue contributions, DNP

If the employer is in arrears in the payment of his workers’ contributions, he is obliged to declare the unpaid contributions within the first 10 working days of the following month. This is known as DNP (Declaration and Non-Payment).

If the declaration is not made in a timely manner or if it is incomplete or erroneous, the employer will be sanctioned with a fine of 0.75 UF for each worker affected.