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The call on economic hardship is aimed at undergraduate students who accredit causes that prevent them from meeting the cost of their studies, or who have suffered supervening circumstances that produce an imbalance in the family economy. All this, provided that they are not and cannot be subsidized with other official aid and that they comply with the established requirements, which can be consulted, as well as the general bases of the aid, at this link.

This aid has an overall budget of 100,000 euros and the amount granted to students will be equivalent to the price of the credits enrolled, up to a maximum of 1,500 euros. Applications must be completed through the procedure established in “Portal de Servicios”, in the “Alumni” section, and within “My assistance grants”, “Self-applications”. After making the application, the corresponding documentation must also be submitted through the same procedure.

On the other hand, the call for aid for students with specific educational support needs, has as its main purpose the regulation of the assistance to be provided to this group, ordered in relation to transportation, sign language interpreters, personalized technical aids and any other measure that facilitates the normalization of their access and permanence in the educational center, as well as their full integration. The bases of this benefit can be consulted through this link.

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The purpose of this call for applications is to grant, on a competitive basis, direct financial aid to families or cohabitation units with dependent minor children provided that there is effective cohabitation and the parents have not been deprived or suspended from parental authority, when it is confirmed that the family unit is in a situation of severe material deprivation, risk of poverty or social exclusion based on three concepts: risk of poverty, material deprivation and low employment intensity.

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Aids for students of the Galician University System who, due to unforeseen and unforeseen causes occurring during the academic year, have financial difficulties to continue their studies.

The purpose of this order is to establish the regulatory bases and to summon, on a non-competitive basis, aid intended for students enrolled in official university studies leading to an undergraduate degree, in the 2018/19 academic year, in the universities of the Galician University System, with an urgent need for economic resources motivated by supervening and unforeseen causes occurred during the current academic year that prevents or hinders the continuity of their studies.

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Grants for the 2019-2020 academic year aimed at students with financial difficulties.Aid code: S19928/20Norm: Resolution of May 15.Application Deadline: until June 5, 2020.Purpose or objective of the aid: The purpose of this call is to alleviate the economic difficulties of these students at the University of La Rioja.Categories GrantLocation of the managing bodyLa RiojaConvoca: University of La Rioja (La Rioja)How much money can you get with this aid? The amount of the aid will be the amount corresponding to the enrolled credits calculated at the cost of first enrollment for the 2019-2020 academic year.Beneficiaries.Who can apply for this aidDetail of beneficiaries: These grants are intended for students enrolled in undergraduate and master’s studies at the University of La Rioja during the 2019-2020 academic year and who, on the closing date of the deadline for submitting applications, meet the requirements established in the regulatory bases of these grants and in this call.What expenses or investments you make can be subsidized? These grants are intended to partially finance the payment of academic tuition fees, with the aim of alleviating the abandonment of studies for economic reasons. Associated documentsBulletin: