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Through sales, deposits or microloans? There are several ways to earn money at Cash Converters. We analyze all the ways to earn extra income through this platform honoring the circular economy.

Among the products offered for sale in its stores you can find almost everything, except weapons – for example, sports bows or fencing swords – as well as products that have to do with gasoline, large appliances, clothing or furniture. But the undisputed leader in sales is technology, as in other circular economy platforms.

The truth is that there are several options to earn money in Cash Converters, and these go through the sale, the sale recoverable, reaching the deposit or microcredits. María Rosa Reyes, brand & trade manager of Cash Converters, explains to BYZness the different ways to get cash through this chain of stores: “The final sale is when the customer wants to get rid of a product that is no longer used and get money for it, with no intention of recovering it&rdquor, she says.

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“When the economy is doing well, thrift stores work. When the economy is bad, second-hand stores work better”. This is how a worker at a second-hand store explains how these stores have been able to survive an era in which digital commerce and its facilities have displaced physical shopping.

The manager of this business has even tried using Wallapop as a sales platform, but considers that it is too saturated. She is convinced that the guarantees provided by her establishment and the security of knowing where she will go at any time is a peace of mind that these websites cannot imitate. “There are people who have a surplus of things and with us they make money. In addition, we pay when we sell the product. Specifically 50% of the final sale. It is a circular trade that rewards everyone involved,” explains Rico.

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You get paid a real pittance for anything, even if it’s in perfect condition. As other comments have said it’s much better to sell them directly to individuals, that although it’s more cumbersome and you don’t know if you’re going to sell it… at least you get a lot more money out of it.

#12 #12 roldi03 said: they are some sons of bitches give you a pittance and sell it at a very high price…without going any further x a game give you 10euros and sell it at 30 or 40 is a timoyo the other day I bought a great game for 5 €…

It is that Cash Convertes can not go to sell or buy, what they sell second hand is often more expensive than bought new. But to take a walk and see if they have gone mad and have put a good offer is fine.

They pay a real pittance for anything, even if it is in perfect condition. As they have said in other comments it is much better to sell them directly to individuals, that although it is more cumbersome and you do not know if you are going to sell it… at least you get much more money.

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At Cash Converters, our customers sell us products for which we pay on the spot and in cash, easily and quickly, with the maximum guarantees of seriousness and professionalism. In this way, Cash Converters is the solution to sell all the items that we no longer need and are not using, but which, being in good conditions of use, can be very attractive to other people. This absolutely innovative concept has revolutionized the second hand market worldwide.