The first question you will probably ask yourself is this, because, beyond the credit needs you may have to finance your wedding, the reality is that this leads to an increase in the cost of the ceremony.

However, this does not mean that it is not a wise solution. It depends mainly on the amount borrowed and the financing conditions. In this sense, the conditions can vary enormously from one institution to another.

Therefore, the best way to do it is the following: since a wedding is not financed all at once, but payments are made periodically during the months prior to the celebration of the wedding, it is important to divide the expenses over many months.

In addition, some expenses are much higher than others, such as the reservation of the banquet, the wedding reception, or the honeymoon. Therefore, when you are going to apply for financing, doing so for one of these 3 high expenses will allow you to divide the expense over several months, so that you do not have to do everything at once.


Organizing a wedding takes months. Throughout this time there are many deposits to be made and we can take advantage of these months to pay in installments the different costs of the ceremony. Many times the place where we celebrate the ceremony asks us for an advance payment to reserve it, a payment before the wedding and another one after, which allows us to pay a large payment in three installments quite far apart in time.

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Thus, between our savings that we have earmarked for this occasion and the installment payments that the different suppliers give us, who generally accept two or three installments to make payments, we can gradually pay the different items to finance the wedding as we are organizing it.

Although this money is a gift and can be used for whatever the bride and groom decide, using it to make different payments or to amortize in advance if we have requested a loan will allow us to finish paying the costs of this day quickly and easily without having to spend months repaying.

Santander Pre-Approved Loan

If you’re about to make one of the most important decisions of your life as a couple, you’re probably facing the prospect of settling for the ceremony and celebration that’s within your budget.

For starters, you may be surprised at how simple it is to obtain, how easy it is to pay in installments, and how much and when to make the payments. Here we explain in more detail.

If the amount is not very large, because they have already covered most of the expenses, they can apply for microcredits or quick loans with fixed terms, or request a loan from a trusted relative or friend, to whom they will not have to pay commissions or interest.

Since longer-term interest will raise the cost of the loan, it is always smart to advance payments when you have money available. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your credit contract allows this without generating penalties.

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If you are fortunate enough to receive gift money from family members, or receive a bonus of any kind from your job, the best advice is to put all of it toward loan repayment. A decrease in the amount of the monthly payments or in the term of the loan will make a big difference.


bankintercard explains the advantages and disadvantages of taking out a loan for a wedding. How to finance a wedding can be an immediate economic relief, but it is important to know how to carry out these steps.

And how to deal with a budget that in many cases exceeds 30,000 euros? Is it the right time to ask for a loan to help with the immediate and imminent expenses of the wedding? If you have doubts or fears when it comes to requesting financing for your wedding, bankintercard details the pros and cons that this may entail. With a good management and a correct organization, asking for a loan for your wedding can be a totally acceptable option that will avoid solvency problems.

Flowers: this is another detail that is becoming more and more important and to which an increasing amount of money is being allocated. Whether it is a civil wedding or a religious ceremony, the bride and groom will want the chosen space to look radiant this day and be perfectly decorated with a multitude of bouquets of different types of flowers everywhere. Estimated budget: 1,500 euros