English Auction

There are collectors who like the atmosphere of art auctions, feeling the tension of the bidding and the feeling of triumph if, in the end, they get the desired work. Others, on the contrary, prefer to bid by telephone instead of bidding directly in the room for fear of getting too hot in the battle with other bidders and also because they keep their identity safe. There are also collectors who leave their bids in writing or send them by fax, and in the not too distant future, live bidding through the Internet will become the norm.

There are more operators, with professional teams. As in any market, there must be transparency, depth and a large volume of business’, remarks José Pedro Bailén, director of Sala Retiro, Caja Madrid’s auction house.

The professionals, generally graduates in art history with specialized courses, carry out an in-depth study of the works and proceed to their cataloguing. Clients receive the catalogs almost a month before the auction is held, although they can also consult them on the Internet, because, recalls Jaime Mato, ‘clients are increasingly international’. In the auction room he manages, the works remain on display for 15 days so that the collector has the opportunity to get advice on a painting, a piece of furniture or a specific piece of jewelry. It is not uncommon for him to submit a written bid on the lots he is interested in. How much can the price increase over the starting price? The answer depends on several factors, although Ansorena estimates that there is a 30% difference between the starting price and the auction price.

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How wow auction house works

It is an organized sale of a good based on the direct competition of those interested in acquiring it, where the bidder who pays the highest amount of money in exchange for that good, will be awarded the same.

Each auction has specific rules and conditions. To participate in an auction, you must be qualified. Only the registration is not enough to guarantee your participation in the different auctions carried out by “DE LA FUENTE SUBASTAS”. You will only be able to bid in the auctions after ENABLEMENT.

In order to participate in your auction, you will have to pay a sum of money as BID GUARANTEE* for each auction or lot you wish to participate in, in the amount and conditions set forth for that auction or lot. *THE RETURN OF THE BID SECURITY SHALL BE MADE WITHIN FIVE (5) BUSINESS DAYS AFTER THE END OF THE AUCTION. THE BANK CHARGES INCURRED FOR THE SAME SHALL BE BORNE BY THE BIDDER AND SHALL BE DIRECTLY DEDUCTED AT THE TIME OF THE RETURN OF THE BID SECURITY.

Wow Auction Commission

In today’s market economy, the important thing is to stand out. Catawiki started as a marketplace where collectors could sell their objects. While it was founded in 2008, it was in 2011 that it began offering specialized auctions in certain categories. Today the company’s experts organize auctions of art, watches, jewelry, wine, classic cars and all kinds of curiosities. In addition, the operation is very guaranteeing, both for the seller and the buyer.

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The portal’s figures are striking. There are 100,000 registered sellers, which gives us an idea of the number of items that can be found.    On the other hand, there are 194 registered experts who are in charge of organizing the auction lots.

On the other hand, the process of selling on the portal is also quite simple: just register as a seller and send the objects to the company, so that its experts can give the go-ahead to your auction. Once the product is sold, Catawiki handles payments between buyers and sellers, charging a 12.5% commission on the winning bid.

Dutch auction

When the item is sold, we charge a commission per sale made. You will not have to worry about third party payment processing fees. This commission is calculated as a percentage of the total amount of the sale plus a fee of 0,35 EUR per order.

The total amount of the sale is the full amount paid by the buyer, including handling costs, the buyer’s own selected shipping service, VAT and any other applicable fees.

* There are different commissions and fees for some subcategories of Motor: Vehicles (9800). See the Commissions and Fees section for the Cars and Motorcycles categories below.

Ad posting fees are charged each month for Open Ad format ads and each time you re-list an item if you have used all of your monthly free ads.

Upgrade option fees are charged per ad, regardless of whether the item sells or not. If you decide to relist your item, you may be charged the upgrade option fees again.