Why do we move backwards in a bus when it suddenly starts up?

Many national or international road transport professionals have greatly reduced the costs generated by their overland distribution activities, which implies a preference when choosing the means of transport for their loads.

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Every freight forwarder involved in export and import, whether by land, sea, air, rail or combined, must generate great benefits to its customers, asserting its expertise and demonstrating the resources it has, including manpower and delivery time.

A freight forwarder must include various services, such as customs clearance, insurance, documentation and inventory management. They must also take protective measures when shipping, ensuring that the customer’s products arrive in good condition at the destination within an agreed time. To do so, they must work together with an insurance company to avoid problems when completing the documentation.

How to get off a moving bus

The volume of goods transported has increased considerably since the 1990s, despite the relative decline that followed the economic recession of 2008. This increase has been mostly absorbed by road transport, which accounted for 49 % of total goods transported in the EU in 2013 as a percentage, and, to a lesser extent, by maritime and rail transport. However, road transport emits considerably more carbon dioxide (CO2) per kilometer traveled than that emitted by other modes of transport, such as rail or inland waterways.

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Various types of electric vehicles are currently available on the European market. Some vehicles are powered exclusively by an electric battery, while others use a combination of electric power and gasoline/diesel hybrids.

Financial incentives, such as subsidies or preferential tax treatment (e.g. free parking in the city center, free bus lane driving, free tolls, reduced fuel or registration taxes), play an important role for the consumer in choosing the type of vehicle.

When a body is in motion

Its function is to safeguard the interests of the world’s land transport and to seek solutions to make this transport a safe, sustainable and professional mode. This body has been extending its policy to passenger land transport and more recently to cab activity worldwide.

Its founding members were the land transport organizations of Norway, Sweden, France, Belgium, Switzerland, England, Holland and Denmark. They were concerned about the need to organize and coordinate the evolution of land transportation in the next decades, after the war, and the need to provide a policy to facilitate the movement of the units.

Today, 74 countries are members of the IRU worldwide and Argentina is the first Latin American country to be part of this world organization and organizer in 2011 of one of the two general assemblies held annually. The Assembly was held from April 5 to 8 in Buenos Aires.

Dynamic inertia

Intermodal and multimodal transport offers several advantages when it comes to transporting goods and securing the supply chain. In this article we tell you what it consists of, the different types that exist and the importance it has.

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This option can transport boxes or containers using trucks on roads and freight trains on railways. It allows to reach any place regardless of the proximity or not to the water transport routes.

In this case, it is most common for trucks with goods to be transported directly inside ships, although containers may also be unloaded from one means of transport to another if they are shipped independently.

The importance of intermodal transport lies in the fact that, at present, road transport is becoming less and less sustainable and efficient. In contrast, the combination of several modes allows transport to be carried out in a more sustainable and responsible manner, as well as being more efficient in the entire transport logistics process.