Foster families and adoption

The increase in aid, and above all that it will be charged month by month, was a long-standing demand of Asturias Foster Families (Afapas). “The announcement caught us by surprise. We are aware that Carlos Becedóniz (director of the Asturian Institute for the Integral Attention to Children and Families) and the whole Regional Ministry have made a great effort. Let’s hope that now more families will be encouraged,” said its president. The challenge now is to ensure that the extension families -who are relatives of the foster child- receive the same support as those who are not.

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On the other hand, Decree 126/2014 of November 20 approved the Regulation of the Minimum Income for Insertion in the Community of Madrid which establishes that young people in foster care can apply for the receipt of the RMI four months before reaching the age of majority, which will allow that when the protective action ceases and they have to leave the residence, they can count on an economic contribution. This income is 400 euros for a single person with no income in Madrid.

The Regional Ministry of Equality, Social Policies and Conciliation points out that in Andalusia there is no direct economic aid for minors under guardianship or out of guardianship, apart from those intended for the population in a situation of vulnerability, such as the Minimum Income, housing aid, employment aid… The Andalusian Minimum Income for Social Insertion has a monthly amount of 420 Euros and is paid for 12 months.

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The Department of Citizenship and Social Rights provides residential shelter and a benefit to cover specific care expenses (glasses, dentist, therapies, clothes, travel, etc…). The other benefits are the universal social benefits existing in Aragon, such as the Ingreso aragonés de inserción (Aragonese insertion income) of 441 euros.

Host families in Spain

My daughter arrived in 2006. She would have died in Haiti: she weighed 1.6 kilos and had wounds in all her folds because they had never removed the fat from birth. The truth is that when we arrived at the Clínica Alemana they thought my daughter was a miracle, because they had never seen a newborn with those characteristics.

She was in the clinic for 10 days, she recovered from everything and then Sename started the adoption process. I did the procedure in Chile in the Family Courts, I followed all the processes: the family is summoned, if there is no third degree of consanguinity, a publication is requested in a Haitian newspaper of national circulation… At that time, Sename considered that given the judicial precariousness that existed in Haiti, the best way was to do it by consular notification. The Chilean consul is asked to act as a notary and summon the mother to testify or to re-declare because everything there is very precarious: suddenly you go to a notary’s office and the printer has no ink or you go to the court and the judge is not there. Besides, as the Sename lawyer said, we did not know where an international letter was going to arrive if it was sent.

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In addition to pocket money, an Au Pair must also receive all meals and lodging. Au Pairs living in the country are also entitled to vacations, also specified by the Au Pair program.

The amount may vary depending on the Host Family’s country and the amount of work. If an Au Pair wishes to work overtime, the Host Family can compensate him/her with vacation time.

In addition to pocket money, the Au Pair is entitled to food and lodging in the family’s home which allows both parties to enjoy a cultural exchange experience.  Families can also support the Au Pair with expenses such as cell phone, transportation or by allowing them to use the car in their free time.

Below is a list of suggested or official salaries in the most popular Au Pair destinations as well as working hours. Regulations in different countries may change so we recommend consulting with the official authorities.