How much does an international patent cost?

ClaimsClaims are the claims that you intend to protect through a patent. They must be drafted very carefully because they are the ones that will ultimately determine the scope of protection that the patent will provide. On each of the claims there is an exchange with the USPTO in which they end up pronouncing on their acceptance or rejection. That is why the more claims there are, the more complex and costly the prosecution is. If your invention consists of many different novel features and you are interested in protecting all of them, you will need numerous claims to do so.

Our FeeThis is the total value to be paid to Patents USA for our professional services with Patent Agents, corresponding to each level of flat fee package and what it includes. The cost of USPTO is separate and the client must pay both at the time of contracting the service. Any additional requirements not included in the packages must be paid separately.

Impi patent registration

What we can obtain an exclusive exploitation right on is their practical realization, on how they are technically carried out. In the case of patents (and utility models) in particular, they protect technical solutions to specific technical problems.

This simple concept is important to take into consideration, as we observe that there is a great deal of confusion about what is and is not patentable, and if we keep it in mind, as does the different patent laws, we deduce that they are excluded from being patentable, for example, and among others:

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Regarding the costs, as in all patent cases, there is an amount that is insurmountable, the amount corresponding to the official fees* since their payment is mandatory for the file to be processed.

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How much does it cost to patent in Europe? is a recurring question for those clients who have to plan the protection of their technology in the form of patents. The question is logical for anyone who is developing a new product or has any research project in mind, since patenting in Europe will allow them to make this effort economically profitable and Europe is a potential market to be taken into account.

As the title indicates, these lines are intended to provide guidance on the foreseeable costs of patenting in Europe through the European Patent Office (EPO), once the invention has been assessed and the investment in patent protection has been considered valid. The amounts shown are a guideline, as each case must be evaluated on a personalized basis, but I trust that they will help anyone interested to get into the right situation.

In order to show how much it costs to patent in Europe, it is necessary to visualize each of the possible steps involved in the process and the costs of official fees that each of them entails. In general, a European patent goes through the following steps:

How much does a patent cost in the united states

Application Patent of Invention (contains the right to file the first 10 claims), including the modifications related to the change of applicant by assignment of the application, moment of publication, modification of the abstract, inventor, priority data or PCT application data and corrections of material errors (it will be understood in any case corrections of material errors subsequent to the grant).

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SECOND PARAGRAPH: When the applicant is a natural person who is not a MSME, in order for the fee reduction to be effective, he/she shall declare under oath, which is considered to have been taken with the filing of the corresponding application, his/her lack of economic means.

For the fee reduction to be effective, the application must be filed within two (2) months following the date of issuance of the certificate, except in the case of applications for examination of patentability of Patents of Invention or Patents of Utility Model, in which case the reduction shall be applicable if the application for patent of invention or patent of utility model is filed within twenty-four (24) months following the date of issuance of the certificate.