They sold me a repossessed car what do I do.

This is stated in the Sustainable Mobility Ordinance approved by the former government team of the Madrid City Council, led by Manuela Carmena, at the end of 2018, when the large Residential Priority Area baptized Madrid Central was established to veto traffic to non-residents throughout the central district.

Only owners of vehicles without a badge, also called A, will be able to park in those regulated service spaces in the neighborhood where they are registered (until December 31, 2024). In case of non-compliance with the stipulations, the penalty is 90 euros, 45 euros for prompt payment.

The City Council has announced that, in addition to the nominative letters that will be sent to homes, it will inform of the entry into force of this modification by placing “50,000 information leaflets on the windows of vehicles without environmental badge that are parked in regulated parking spaces”, through the parking meter screens of the SER and the luminous signs of variable traffic information of the M-30, which will issue such information.

Carabineros can take away a vehicle with a seizure order

If you are moving to another EU country with your car, you should know that vehicle registration is subject to specific rules that depend on whether you are moving temporarily or permanently, the length of your stay and the country you are moving to.

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There are no common EU rules on vehicle registration and vehicle-related taxes. Some countries have tax exemption rules for vehicle registration in case of a permanent move from one country to another.

If you move temporarily to another EU country and do not change your usual residence, you will not have to register your car in that other country and pay registration taxes there. You will be able to keep the car registered in your country of usual residence.

If you work in one place but your personal ties are in another EU country, your usual residence is usually considered to be in the EU country with which you have personal ties, as long as you return to that country regularly.

My car can be repossessed

If you are parked in the street, getting into the car, starting it and driving it is, most of the times, an almost impossible task during these summer days. No matter how much of a hurry you are in, if it is over 40 degrees outside, you will have no choice but to be patient and wait for the passenger compartment to cool down before starting the car.

It is essential to protect the car from the sun’s rays so that the temperature in the passenger compartment is not so high. Regardless of how hot it is outside, if you park in a covered parking lot, preferably subway, you will be able to drive without waiting.

The temperature difference inside a car parked in the sun and in the shade can be up to 30 degrees on a hot summer day. So, even if you have to spend a little more time (or money) to park your vehicle, choose an area out of the sun’s rays.

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There is no point in parking in the shade if the position of the sun has changed by the time you get back to your car and it is hitting the bodywork; just calculate where the shade will be after a few hours and you will avoid this problem.

It is possible to transfer a repossessed car in Argentina

Cars and big cities seem to be two incompatible aspects for those who are in a hurry or have little patience, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. With a little planning and knowing where you are moving around, getting around the capital by car and finding parking in the commercial areas of Madrid can be much easier than you think.

Although the capital is huge, it is usual that if we go shopping we almost always do it in the same areas. This, from the point of view of parking in Madrid, is a disadvantage. The shopping areas of Sol, Goya, Serrano or the Rastro have a high demand for parking and meeting the expectations of all drivers is not always an easy task.

Do you want to move around more comfortably and not have difficulties when it comes to finding parking in Madrid? Here are some recommendations for when you move around the commercial areas of the capital by car.

You have the advantage that the Salamanca and Goya neighborhoods no longer fall within the limits of Madrid Central, so you can move freely with any vehicle. Of course, you should plan to drive around a few times if you want to find parking on the street in the green or blue zones.