What color is the first menstrual period

Treatment depends on the cause of the missed periods. Absent periods caused by congenital abnormalities may require medication, surgery, or both.If amenorrhea is caused by a brain tumor:If the condition is caused by a systemic disease, treatment may allow menstruation to begin.If the cause is bulimia, anorexia, or too much exercise, menstrual periods will often begin when weight returns to normal or exercise level decreases.If amenorrhea cannot be corrected, sometimes hormone medications can be taken. These medications can help a woman feel more like her friends and family. They can also protect the bones from getting too weak (osteoporosis). Outlook (Prognosis)

How well you do depends on the cause of the amenorrhea and whether it can be corrected with medications or lifestyle changes.Your periods are unlikely to start on their own if the amenorrhea was caused by one of the following conditions:You may have emotional distress because you feel different from your friends or family members. Or, you may be concerned that you may not be able to have children.When to Contact a Medical Professional

How to explain menstruation to a 10-year-old girl

One of the most important changes that occurs at this stage of development is the maturation of sexual characteristics and the beginning of the fertile stage, which begins with the arrival of the first menstrual period (menarche).

Usually, a regular cycle takes place every 28 days, although the cycle between 21 and 35 days is also considered normal, always counting from the first day of the period until the appearance of the next one.

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Before the appearance of the first period, it is advisable for our daughter to visit her pediatrician or family doctor, who will give her some indications and advice to follow during those days. She will also ask her certain questions about her menstrual cycles, in order to detect any possible anomaly.

Experts also recommend making our children understand that biological maturation does not go hand in hand with the maturity to have sexual relations, although adolescence can be a good time to address certain issues (if they have not arisen before), such as unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.

Menstruation at age 7

A delayed menstrual period can be one of the biggest worries we women have. The first thought that comes to mind if we see that our period is delayed day after day, is that we have become pregnant. However, once you have ruled out this reason with a pregnancy test, we can tell you that the irregularities of a menstruation can be caused by different reasons, even some of them could slow it down for months.If you wonder things like, is it normal that you do not get your period in two months, in this article of unCOMO we explain the different reasons why you may be suffering a menstrual delay.

When a woman is suffering a lot of stress, what happens inside the body is that it is releasing many hormones that cause this type of state. Consequently, the excessive release of the stress hormone interferes with those hormones that are in charge of your menstruation, causing it to be delayed, so if you find yourself during a time of exams, with more work than your body can handle or even giving too much thought to an important personal issue, you will be causing the delay of your period. If you want to know more about it, we suggest the following article on How stress affects your period.

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What is menstruation

However, there are other definitions. Biological age, for example, is a more subjective concept, based on evaluating physiological indicators to identify an individual’s development.

For example, if you have been eating a lot of junk food and smoking cigarettes instead of exercising and eating healthy, your biological age is likely to exceed your chronological age.

The authors of the new canine aging study suggest that a sensible way to measure biological age is through so-called “epigenetic clocks,” changes in the packaging of our DNA that accumulate over time in all mammals.

“ln” represents a mathematical function known as the natural logarithm. The logarithmic function is well known in nonlinear scales for energy released during earthquakes (Richter) or for measuring sound (decibels).