Cognitive therapy

Foreign Language Learning contributes to the educational process, goes far beyond the acquisition of a set of language skills. It leads to a new understanding of the nature of language, increases the understanding of how language works, and develops a greater awareness of the functioning of the mother tongue. (PCN-EF, 1998, p. 37) (Own translation)

(…) all (the materials) are based on theoretical assumptions that are not always sufficiently clear, explicit, for the teacher. Many times, those theories or beliefs that support the choices operate silently, without the teacher being clearly aware of them, of their foundations and of what they postulate, in order to guarantee coherence between what is thought and what is done. (OCEM – 2006, p. 155) (Own translation)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Community Colleges are a more economical option than universities for people interested in pursuing a college degree in the United States, taking English language courses or completing professional studies.

The name Community Colleges refers to colleges and universities that award an Associates Degree to the graduating student and require the completion of 60 semester credits.

Community Colleges are also known as Technical Colleges or Junior Colleges, including County Colleges. In different geographic areas of the United States there is a custom of calling them by different names. In any case, it is the same thing.

In addition, in most states there is a difference in tuition between in state and out of state. Those who qualify as in state, i.e., residents of that state, generally pay much less than those who qualify as out of state, although this is not always the case.

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How long does cognitive behavioral therapy last?

The analysis, conducted by a team of researchers from the University of Michigan and Harvard University using real-world data on treatment costs, on positive and negative health effects and the effects of treatment and depressive symptoms on productivity, could help guide future care and insurance coverage.

The study suggests that more people newly diagnosed with depression should have the opportunity to try individual and group sessions of cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, as their first treatment, if they prefer therapy to taking an antidepressant medication.

National physician groups such as the American College of Physicians support giving people newly diagnosed with depression the option of choosing either approach. But this would mean expanding the health system’s ability to provide greater access to psychotherapy than is currently available.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Depression

In contemporary psychology, we find the validity of theoretical models and behavioral techniques, both in research and applied areas. In spite of such evidence, there are works on the history of psychology in which it is postulated that in the 1950’s, there was a historical phenomenon which has been called “cognitive revolution”. This supposed revolution would predominantly imply a critique of the behavioral paradigm almost in its entirety, rather than specific hypotheses. The exponents of this revolution – beyond their scientific productions – have carried out historicizations of supposed events that have occurred within the profession.

In contrast to what was announced several decades ago by the “non-integrative” cognitivists, we currently observe a strong presence of the contributions of behaviorism and learning theories.

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It is necessary to distinguish the “production of content” by cognitive authors, as scientists, from their “construction” of the history of psychology, especially those who postulate a rupture or substitution of the behavioral paradigm by the cognitive paradigm. It is not the aim of this article to question the scientific production of these authors, but to review the methodology used in the way of constructing part of the history of the discipline during the last century.