How to apply for a birth certificate

In this article we will explain how to register the birth of a newborn in Bolivia and how to request the birth certificate to carry out all the procedures applicable to the life of the new Bolivian citizen.

With it, the newborn can obtain his or her identity card, update his or her immigration status, enroll in a school, enroll in college, formalize an employment contract, join the armed forces, get benefits from state programs, hire a social security, apply for a driver’s license, process a passport, and so on.

Multilingual Birth Certificate

Online: You can download the certified copy of your birth certificate here, remember that once you have downloaded it for the first time, you have 24 hours to download it again, it is essential to keep the tracking folio to download the certificate or to make any clarification. It is essential to keep the tracking folio to download the certificate or to make any clarification.When you click on the “download certificate” button, the file should be displayed on your screen and saved in the Downloads folder.In person: At the Civil Registry closest to your location hereEnter the frequently asked questions about online birth certificates here.

Ordering a birth certificate from abroad

The birth certificate is the official document that certifies the birth of a person: date and time of birth, place of birth, as well as name, sex and parents’ information. This certificate is issued by the Civil Registry or Consular Office where the birth was registered.    There are several types of certificates:

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If you need to request a birth certificate, remember that you have several ways to do it (by going in person to the registry offices, by mail, or by Internet). We explain them one by one, but you can also consult the information on the official website of the Ministry of Justice:

It is obtained by going in person to the Civil Registry offices where your birth is registered, with your DNI and with the form that appears on the website of the Ministry of Justice, filled in correctly.    It is necessary to indicate the name, surname, date and place of birth of the person for whom the certificate is requested.

Birth certificate spain

The birth certificate, which in Colombia is called a civil registry of birth, is a document that serves as a certificate that you were born within the Colombian territory.

If you need to obtain a certified copy of your civil registry of birth, you can do it without any complications from the comfort of your home, quickly and with free delivery to your address, making use of the professional and reliable service provided by the private agency “Partidas Ya”, who will provide you with personalized assistance in real time and will allow you to follow up your request online 24 hours a day.

Also required are the citizenship or foreigner’s identity card and passport of the parents (in case of foreigners) and a certificate proving the RH and blood type of the person to be registered.

Registration in the civil registry is a free procedure. As stated in Article 45 of Decree 1260 of 1970, this procedure must be carried out by the mother or father of the newborn as soon as possible.