Being bad at mathematics now has a scientific explanation

“It’s possible, although I don’t think it’s the main reason for dropping out,” Gutiérrez replies. “If a student has a great vocation, he or she will be able to cope with mathematics, at least at the level taught in the first year. Another problem is that students take a certain course of study without the necessary motivation,” he says.

For Orden, the number of failures in a subject is influenced by many factors. Some on the teacher’s side, such as the evaluation tools and criteria, and others on the student’s side, such as their previous training or personal circumstances. “For example, it is not the same to study a degree while working or not, just as it is not the same to arrive at the university in 20 minutes, than to take 90.”

“The problem that causes the failures in first-year mathematics subjects is more the fame that these subjects have as ‘coconut’ and the lack of motivation with which students face them, rather than their difficulty,” Lozano adds.

But in technical careers, such as computer science, mathematics is the basis of everything, since any implementation of an algorithm is based on it. “The resolution of mathematical problems is similar to that of a program, both are solved by means of an algorithm: ‘a set of defined, non-ambiguous, ordered and finite instructions or rules that typically allow to solve a problem, perform a computation, process data and carry out other tasks or activities’, compares the teacher.

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The importance of mathematics in everyday life

Mathematics in careers and jobsThere are many jobs for professions related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields . The demand for STEM-related jobs is increasing every day. The demand for these types of workers creates job opportunities for many skilled young people. There are at least 50 STEM-related occupations that young people can choose from. Your child could also become one of these new and successful STEM workers. Please encourage your children to consider these careers.

Mathematical knowledge is very important in STEM-related jobs and many others. For example, people who handle money need math skills. These jobs include people who work in banks, stores, and businesses. Workers who make or repair things use math in their professions. For example, mechanics who adjust wheels need math to do it correctly. Medical technicians, nurses, and doctors also need to use math. For example, they need it to treat patients, understand medical outcomes, and operate medical equipment. In fact, math is a basic skill for any occupation. Therefore, math is important knowledge for your child’s future and for their future career success. Dr. Math’s forum discusses the importance of math for your child’s education.

How mathematics is applied in computer science

Not one, not two, not three studies have shown a direct link between the ability to understand and master mathematical concepts and future employment and socioeconomic success. This concept is not entirely new. Area-based education has always been related to the socioeconomic factor of families. However, for psychology professors Stuart J. Ritchie and Timothy C. Bates of Edison University, Edison University’s Stuart J. Ritchie and Timothy C. Bates of the University of California, Edison. Bates of the University of Edinburgh, it is mathematics that leads the way in this relationship.

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“Regardless of how many skills we have, how much time we spend in school or how smart we are, learned skills have a measurable effect on success in adulthood,” Lindsay Abrams, editor of The Atlantic, commented on this study. In it, the researchers noted that the association between basic math and reading skills may correlate with increased earnings in midlife. What’s more, they went so far as to give a figure: no less than $7,750 more on average per year for people with better math skills.

I am 17 years old and I know nothing about mathematics

SNIES 965 / Resolution of qualified registration: Resolution 6476 of June 26, 2019, valid until September 12, 2025 / High Quality Accreditation 15337 of September 12, 2018, valid until September 12, 2024 / Estimated duration: Eight (8) semesters / Location where offered: Bogotá D.C.

The admission process for the Mathematics program is based on three groups of criteria: Attitude, Skills and/or Knowledge. Each applicant will be evaluated by means of the activities established by the program, such as: interview, specific tests, among others (depending on each program). In the following table you can see the specific value for each group of criteria and their specific activities:

During your training process you must meet the English requirement, for this in the first semester of admission you will take an exam that will allow you to know your English level and how many you must take.