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I. Introduction. II. Definition and conceptualization. III. Situation of Assisted Human Reproduction Technique. IV. Real cases in our country. V. Absence of a regulatory framework for HAART. VI. Conclusions.

Before going into the subject of this article, we will define gestational surrogacy as an ART (Assisted Reproduction Technique) which consists of nothing more and nothing less than a form of access to parenthood within the various family forms. There are different names for which this technique is known: surrogacy, surrogate motherhood, surrogate motherhood or surrogate, among others.

All the doctrine is aware that this technique is extremely complex because it involves questions that go beyond the juridical; they enter into the ethical and moral level of each individual. And its confirmation is its exclusion from the articles of the Draft Civil and Commercial Code that has just entered into force, on the grounds that it would merit a deeper debate. And what would be the reason for these questions? We believe in Eleonora Lamm’s statement, “because it breaks with deep-rooted rules “8 related to maternity and the role of the reproductive woman within society.

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The analysis must be carried out from an interdisciplinary legal perspective, comparing international experiences in order to establish which of the regulations may be more convenient to the Colombian legal reality, without this implying, on the one hand, an attack against the human dignity of the woman and, on the other hand, an attack against the freedom of disposition of her body, the principle of solidarity and the right to form a family for those Colombian couples who for medical reasons are unable to procreate.

Likewise, the scope of this study is descriptive-prescriptive, since from the knowledge of the legislation and, especially, of what has happened in comparative law, solutions can be proposed so that the surrogacy phenomenon in Colombia has an inclusive, equitable and fair framework for all the actors involved in the process, meaning the surrogate mother, the requesting couple and the minor fruit of the agreement.

This research has only secondary sources composed basically of national and international legislation, national and international jurisprudence and scientific articles published in specialized journals. The main technique used consisted in the review and documentary analysis of the secondary sources described above.

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Surrogacy,[note 1] formally surrogacy, is the practice whereby, by agreement with another person or couple, a woman becomes pregnant, carries the pregnancy to term and gives birth to a baby for that other person or couple, both of whom become the parents of the baby.

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See also: Baby MEIn the 1970s, artificial insemination opened up a new and controversial way of creating a family through surrogacy. One of the pioneers of this practice in the United States was attorney Noel Keane. In 1976, in Michigan, a friend of his sister asked Keane if he could get a woman inseminated by a man and gestate a baby for him and his own wife who could not conceive. Keane placed an ad in student newspapers and contacted a woman willing to enter into such an arrangement. It was then that Keane negotiated and wrote the first formal agreement between a married couple and a surrogate in the United States. Keane opened a clinic to engage in the business of surrogacy.[5][6] Keane was a surrogate surrogate mother in the United States.